Gordon called the Baranovskaya bitch

Гордон назвал Барановскую стервой The presenter told us about working with the Director on the film “Uncle Sasha”. The premiere is expected in early June at the festival “Kinotavr”. Yulia Baranovskaya got the role itself. According to Gordon, his colleague in the shop did great work.
Гордон назвал Барановскую стервой

On 29-th Open Russian film festival “Kinotavr” which will pass in Sochi from 2 to 10 June, will show a Comedy “Uncle Sasha” Alexander Gordon. In the movie is played Anna Saliva, Agniya Kuznetsova, Nikita Efremov, Sergey Puskepalis, Olga Yakovleva, Director and co-host on the program “Male / Female” Yulia Baranovskaya. Participation in the film was an interesting experience for star TV. Julia recently gave an interview in which he told about joint work with Gordon, his acting abilities and ambitions.

According to Baranovskaya, a colleague in the shop he offered her the role. Presenter, who first starred in a full meter, decided to answer Gordon’s consent. In her opinion, Alexander Garrievich – a true professional of his craft.

“One day, Alex looked at me: “I’ll put you in my film, the script for which I write. I want to”. Small role, but it is Gordon, and I think he is very talented. So to appear for the first time in the movie, the more full the meter from a good Director is a big responsibility. Acting is actually a difficult profession, and I do not know how to play! Can’t even in an interview, to play along with the caller if something went wrong. Although people are interesting to me, genuinely communicate with them in their gear,” shared Julia.

According to Alexander Gordon, the film Baranovskaya depicts an exaggerated version of itself. The Director has taken liberties in the image of the star and called her in some degree cartoon. Gordon is sure that the presenter has been performing her duties.

“He’s so funny, he said to me: “you’ll be playing myself – bitch”. I said, “I’m not a bitch and it never was!” And Sasha: “You’re not a bitch? Well, not a bitch, but it can be,” said Julia, laughing.

On the question of if she wanted to continue to pursue an acting career, Baranovskaya did not answer clearly. The star it would be interesting to try once again to star in a movie or TV series, but she doesn’t know how well it will work. “I’m afraid because now I know about all the difficulties,” said the leader.

In the nearest plans of the baranouskaya – producing another autobiographical book. According to celebrity, she decided to update the first edition of his work “All for the best.” Now to the title added the phrase “Tested by me”. “The story of my life was supplemented by the events of the present time — I don’t like innuendo and gossip. Because Instagram said one message on the most commonly asked me three questions: “I don’t dye their hair, not wear lenses and don’t expect Arshavin,” he told star magazine The Hollywood Reporter.