Gordon brought to light pregnant with a second child 22-year-old wife

Гордон вывел в свет беременную вторым ребенком 22-летнюю жену

The pair lit up at the premiere of the new Russian blockbuster “Icebreaker”.

The premiere of the film “Icebreaker” Nicholas Khomeriki became one of the anticipated events this autumn. Superior special effects, great cast roles in the film performed Pyotr Fyodorov, Sergey Puskepalis, Anna Mikhalkov, Aleksey Barabash…

No wonder that the guest list for the event was the most that neither is stellar. Come to see the new Russian blockbuster writer Sergei Minayev with his wife, the commentator Viktor Gusev, actors Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Elena Lyadova, Alisa Hazanova with her husband and many others.

Couldn’t miss a significant event and Alexander Gordon. 52-year-old actor appeared at the premiere of “Icebreaker” with his wife and kept the press and many fans of his work seriously worried, because 22-year-old Nona is now in position.

The baby will be born, presumably, in February 2017. However, no other details about his birth, the press is unknown. Gordon with his wife carefully concealed personal life from strangers. Here at the premiere of the details on the topic of pregnancy both abstained. Alexander commented on the issues related to culture. Nonna, not, stayed away, tried not to attract too much attention. Even the clothes are chose a low-key, and a coat that hides a small tummy, not been removed almost to the beginning of the film.

Baby, we will be the second child of Alexander Gordon and Nosy Abdullayeva first. Two years ago the couple had a son who was called Alexander.

It is worth noting that Gordon has two more children. The first child was born in marriage with the writer and translator Mary Vannikovoy, the second in the result of a brief affair with a journalist from Krasnodar Elena Pashkova.

Gordon met his wife during the filming of the series “Smart guy.” Here NASA came to do a report. According to the actor, husband did not mind the age difference. About the Gordon repeatedly said, including during an interview with Woman’s day:

“I have a wife (2014 Alexander married for the fourth time, 20-year-old student of VGIK Nazanin Abdullayeva first, the granddaughter of the film Director Valery akhadova. — Approx. “Antenna”) the age difference is 30 years. Don’t see anything wrong with all natural. You can live with any age difference, especially when you have a child together. Here I nothing to complain about. So far so good, ugh-ugh!” (read more HERE).