Gordon attacked Epple, who stole her husband

Гордон набросилась на Эппле, которая увела у нее мужа The stars made a scene in the program “the Secret to a million.” Zhanna Epple claimed that he had met with Sergey Garinim, not knowing about the pregnancy of his ex-girlfriend. The actress also mentioned about the numerous other Affairs with married men.

Zhanna Epple was the guest of the program “million dollar Secret” and openly spoke about his relationship with former lovers. As it turned out, the artist repeatedly took away the men of the family, which is now experiencing remorse.

One of the most notorious was her affair with the lawyer Sergey Garinim. The actress and the lawyer met in the period when the relations of a man with a legitimate wife, Kate Gordon got upset. Even after a rival announced the pregnancy, Epple left the beloved.

In the program “the Secret to a million,” Gordon complained that she had accumulated to the other woman.

“I don’t understand these women, for whom sex and desire to a man are above some solidarity. Jeanne knew that I was pregnant, to her had to tell Anfisa Chekhov or the Zhorin. However, it did not stop her. By the way, due to the fact that Joan loves to gossip, and I know how Sergei knew all about Anfisa Chekhova. As a result, now Joan and Naomi are already not friends,” said Gordon.

Zhanna Epple hastened to apologize to the young woman. She noted that she regrets some of his actions. Moreover, the actress did not hide selfish intentions that drove it during the relationship with Garinim. In that period the star was paid a huge dollar loan and was hoping the lawyer will help her financially. Later it paid for the wedding of the eldest son of the artist.

According to Gordon, it is no longer hold a grudge against Joan. Now the lawyer hard at work and implementation of numerous projects. However, she hastened to give former rival important life advice.

“I very much hope that in the future such mistakes Jeanne to commit will not. Look at married man and spit on relationship with him. If will appear this female solidarity, you’ll have a friend. Who knows how life will develop. Maybe we can find a common language”, – shared his thoughts Catherine.

Epple itself never tires of pointing out that now the main men are sons and a newborn grandson. The actress finished all the free time to devote to favorite relatives who live with her in one apartment. On the former lovers and rivals Janna long does not hold grudges.

Zhanna Epple for the first time became a grandmother