Gordon and Chekhov intervened in the custody case over son of Stella Baranovskaya

Гордон и Чехова вмешались в дело об опеке над сыном Стеллы Барановской Famous girlfriend actress stood up for her child. Now the issue of who will live Danja. Counsel Kate Gordon said that the boy should not be given to the grandmother to raise.

Stella Baranovskaya died in the beginning of last week. The young woman was not able to overcome cancer. She is survived by her young son Dan, and now relatives of the stars are trying to solve the issue of guardianship.

Attorney Katya Baranovskaya Gordon said that the boy should live with his grandmother. According to her, Stella’s mother, Lyudmila extremely violent and capable of aggression, and therefore, her behavior can have a negative impact on the condition of Tribute.

Stella’s father Baranovskaya intends to take her child in the United States

“Everything is fine with the baby? I think not. Danya a very long time watched the death of his mother. Except Stella and 80-year-old great-grandmother he did not need anyone. Stella herself did not want the boy lived with her mother. It was her last request, to take care of Dana. That’s why I want to inform bodies of guardianship about the difficult situation in the family Baranovskaya,” said the lawyer.

Now the parents of Stella are the main contenders for guardianship. Gordon also emphasizes that the question on adoption of the Tribute. This is also confirmed by a friend of the deceased actress Anfisa Chekhova.

The presenter noted that Stella had a difficult relationship with her mother. However, parents Baranovskaya intend to fight for custody and sure to be able to take good care of the boy.

“Recently going to open an account, put money on it for the future Tributes, so he could use them on reaching 18 years of age, spent for their education. Many people write me that want to help Dana, so, as soon as the account is completed, you will be able to transfer funds that are guaranteed to get a Dane, not his guardians,” – said Chekhov.

Also, the presenter hopes that the boy’s father Maxim Kotin will be released with the child to communicate and help him through such a difficult period. Friend Baranovskaya confirmed: Pope Tribute does not communicate with him as to doubt the paternity.

For several years Baranovskaya struggled with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The young woman was treated in the U.S., but still are unable to overcome the disease. Little Danya was often accompanied by my mother to travel abroad, visited her in the hospital. Star girlfriend of the deceased actress said that always will follow the fate of the boy and care about his welfare.