Gordon advised Anisina those to go to a therapist

Гордон посоветовала Анисиной обратиться к психотерапевту The celebrity spoke to the skater, who in personal correspondence with her ex-husband called the “small fry in law”. The woman became uncomfortable, what opinion was formed of her from Anisina those. On his page on the social network journalist decided to respond to the allegations.

      Гордон посоветовала Анисиной обратиться к психотерапевту

      Catherine Gordon did not hide his emotions when he learned that Nikita Dzhigurda was put on public display in correspondence with the former spouse, in which Marina Anisina chose not to ignore the particular legal ability Gordon. A celebrity owning his own Agency for dealing with various kinds of legal problems, was offended by the statement in his address. Catherine decided not to remain silent but to openly state their position in Instagram. She posted a picture under which the left surround review.

      Katya Gordon was hospitalized

      The journalist did not mince words, said that thinking about the most Anisina those and her relationship with Nikita Dzhigurda. According to Gordon, she did not take into account the bitter experience of other women involved in this situation. It seems very strange that the wife of the controversial artist has long been near the man who was engaged in physical abuse, and verbal abuse. The presenter is not left unattended and sports past the skater.

      “Anisina those, I’m sorry! Complaining of ill-treatment of a spouse, to choose a defender who has repeatedly raised his hand to a woman, is a logical dissonance. Well, it’s sad when from achievements in sport remains a strange Fleur hereditary showdown and chants have between your legs giving birth Anisina those. However, and she was a fool, and experiences of women before me did not look. Psychotherapists working with my law firm are always ready to support former athlete and help, leaving emotions to be implemented sensibly and successfully as after sport and after divorce” – wrote in his microblog Gordon.

      Gordon recommended that Anisina those, if necessary, to consult specialists its legal office, who, on assurance of Catherine, will be able to help solve her immediate problems. Subscribers celebrities, familiar with the recent situation, it is interesting that thinks about the former husband of the woman, the star lawyer Sergei Zhorin. Recall that he was involved in a scandalous divorce suit of the couple. Anyway, some followers are convinced that Gordon should not respond to criticism from athletes, as that, in the opinion of the users of the Network, talks about the activities of the journalist subjective.

      Someone expressed the opinion that the situation seems to be funny only for the reason that this story involved as Catherine herself, and her ex-boyfriend. Most followers agree that Kate should think about your child who will soon appear on the light instead of distracted by other people’s scandals.

      “Kate, Yes, you do not pay attention! Let it not concern you”, “Kate, you’re done! Always speak the truth and not afraid of it, always do the right thing! You are special!”, “Kate, Yes you spit on the opinion Anisina those. What Anisina that the least – quite the pair, they deserve each other” – supported fans of celebrity in the social network.