«Дурашливое» фото Аллы Пугачевой восхитило фанатов
The diva was struck by the absence of complexes.

Photo: Instagram

Photos of Alla Pugacheva without makeup is no surprise. Diva she so often posts such pictures on social networks that fans are already used to her natural appearance. But the fact that Alla is maybe childish to have fun and fool around, it was for her fans opening.

“Great mood today! she confessed in a personal blog. — All day horsing around! Rare case”.

On top of that Pugacheva has published the naughty with his tongue hanging out. This is unusual for her display of emotions fans very happy. Especially given the recent revelations about the state of his health.

“People are good. I’m getting old and quite sharply. The body fails. I find it hard to breathe, hard to walk, but I’m still alive and must live for the sake of young children. Wish you happiness and long life. Not star longer no soul, no body. Send your venom and anger to fight the challenges in life more important than my aging and infirmity — appealed to detractors Diva. — I’m still in the last days of his life will think about children and about you, their applause made my life rich and beautiful. Nothing more I will not comment. Hear me now and understand at one time. Live on!”

One of the obvious symptoms of poor health status of Diva — her dramatic weight loss. However, many women (including the singer herself, who all his life struggled with being overweight) believe that the only advantage any disease. Pugacheva does not hide that have diabetes.

“In Israel I was prescribed the pills, I began to accept them and “blown away”!” — commented Alla.

Due to the excess weight disappeared Pugacheva had to change her entire wardrobe. With these pleasant chores she helped the famous stylist Alisher. He personally brought to the castle Maxim Galkin several suitcases brand clothes and together with Alla Borisovna picked up her images. And the emphasis he again did at the feet of the singer.