Goodbye Potap and Nastya Kamensky

Потап распрощался с Настей Каменских The famous singer has decided to develop a solo project of NK. This week fans of Nastya Kamenskikh will be able to appreciate her creativity. The singer is going to present the clip, which was filmed by Alan Badoev. Potap wished his colleague good luck.

Some time ago Potap and Nastya announced to fans that decided to pause the activities of their duet. The artists promised fans a pleasant surprise. Some time later, Alex Potapenko presented a solo project of PTP. The rapper presented the debut EP “Ripe plum” consisting of four tracks.

Potap and Nastya made a statement about their future relationship

After a few days of any important changes in his life said and Nastya Kamensky. Brunette also intends to concentrate on his solo career. Very soon, on November 2, the artist presents the first single and clip project NK. On this occasion, Potap Nastya wished all the best.

“Anastasia Alexeyevna, I congratulate you with the beginning of a long-awaited and meanwhile, for all those unexpected solo career! You deserve it like no other. This is your day, this is your year. Nobody but me knows how important this is for you, may Shine with NK!” – said Potapenko.

In turn, Kamensky said that he is very pleased to present the new songs to fans. “I’m happy… this Thursday,” he intrigued the singer. It is known that the Director of the video will be a popular music video Director Alan Badoev, who worked with Vera Brezhneva, Svetlana Loboda and Sergey Lazarev. The artist will appear before the audience in the way the Cuban beauty who easily wins the hearts of men.

Earlier Nastya Kamensky publicly asked the Captain to support his solo project. According to the artist, Alexei will succeed in this endeavor. Nastya also admitted that he understood the colleague.

“Lesh, I know how important for you this new stage and how long you went to him. To write so many songs and make them hits, to find talented artists and create a cool group to organize a strong team to build the company and to be with her in the top. You have done a great job! Now you can afford to do what I wanted to implement but never had the time. I am very happy for you and very proud of you. Guys, download album and rastvoryayas in the works! It is different… there is a lot more”, – said Kamensky.

Adding that the Duo “Potap and Nastya” was created in 2006. In a short time charismatic performers loved by a wide audience. Many people know songs such artists as “doggie Style”, “Not a couple”, “Minds”, “chumachechaya spring” and “Kray mi e river.”