Goodbye, Malakhov! In the talk show “Let them talk” has a new leading

Прощай, Малахов! В ток-шоу «Пусть говорят» появился новый ведущий
Today in “Ostankino” will begin shooting a new program cycle.

Прощай, Малахов! В ток-шоу «Пусть говорят» появился новый ведущий

Andrey Malakhov


The main intrigue of the upcoming season were resolved. Andrey Malakhov will not appear in Studio a current-show “Let speak”. Today in one of the pavilions on the street Lizy chaykinoy two release of the software with the new leader — 31-year-old Dmitry Borisov, whose name originally was called among
the main contenders. Recall that the casting was attended by Krasnoyarsk
journalist Alexander Resins. But the bet is eventually made for the more experienced
Borisov, who has worked for many years on the First channel, brilliantly broadcasts live and most importantly — familiar with the specifics of the “Ostankino” and intrigues.

Dmitry Borisov


Talk about the fact that the place is Malakhov Dmitry Shepelev
turned out to be groundless. Except that shooting the talk show “really” are in the
same Studio where they filmed before “Let them talk”. But this is normal for television,
when the Studio transformirovalsya for different projects. Besides Shepelevo physically
not had the strength to work in two projects at the same time. After all, he leads the talk show “On
really”, whose fate is not yet clear to the end. New transmission and leading
including — more often criticized than praised.

Meanwhile, the old team “Let them talk” also left
project and literally “on suitcases” is waiting for the return of the Malakhov from vacation to
to understand where will be the new Studio where Andrew will begin
to do a new show for the channel “Russia”.

For Andrey Malakhov and his wife Natalia Shkuleva, however,
all these efforts have now gone by the wayside. Soon the couple for the first time
become parents. By the way, maternity leave for child care,
who is going to take Malakhov, as one of the reasons why
the host decided to leave the First channel.