Good luck! Plushenko caught the fish yourself

Вот это удача! Плющенко поймал рыбу больше себя

The Olympic champion pulled out of the water Galabovo giant Marlin over 2 meters long.

Evgeni Plushenko is vacationing on the Maldives together with his wife Yana Rudkovskaya and younger son Sasha and not waste time. In between restorative procedures figure skater enjoys fishing. His catch, he did not fail to boast of in Instagram.

“Fishing in the Maldives is the best. The fish was heavy, but we managed”, signed Eugene photograph in which he keeps his giant catch.

Fans of Plushenko fish appreciated. “Right illustration for Hemingway… the old Man and the sea”, – joked one of them.

Indeed, the hook Eugene’ve got the real dream of the fisherman – the Atlantic blue Marlin. The weight of such fish can reach up to 818 kg, and height – 8 meters!

Zhenya Marlene smaller. But to catch such a miracle, he and Jan got up at 4:30 in the morning! And we must admit that such an early rise has justified itself on all hundred!

This fish was photographed and wife Plushenko Yana Rudkovskaya, putting the hashtag #viscerosensory. Members were encouraged to Jan and Eugenia to release the fish back into the sea. But the couple had other plans for Marlin.

“I do not eat meat, and eating fish. So I eat at the one in the grass does not go far,” – said Rudkovskaya.

Meanwhile in St. Petersburg started the season smelt! The best recipe – from the family of Organto – click here!

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