Ушел из жизни легендарный французский актер

Today, on 97-m to year of life has died the great French actor Charles Gerard. Professional cinematography, which is valued for the humanity and attention to detail.

Ушел из жизни легендарный французский актер

Charles Gerard was a man for whom every role was important. His whole life he never uttered the words “minor role” solely “the role of the second plan”. The actor said: “in any imaging there are two plans: the first and second. But the first is so called only because it is closer to the stage and the audience, and it does not mean that it is more important”. The famous French actor recalls the work of Charles in these lines: “I’ve never been able to understand that it was more important to him in the picture — my face is right in front of the camera lens or a horse, rode at this time in the background”.

Charles Gerard also liked to play the role of the second plan, unfortunately, the actor is more known in Western countries. However, everyone who enjoys movies of the 70’s, know this great man. Jean Paul Belmondo was friends with Gerard for over 60 years, and one day in one of the scenes broke my nose Charles. If you compare the noses of these two stars, then looking at the flat nose Belmondo, it is unclear who won in that match. By the way, the real name of the actor – adjemian, he is Armenian by nationality, his parents in 1920 emigrated from Russia because of the harsh living conditions.

Almost everyone knows of Charles in his role as a photographer in the movie “the Toy”. In fact, he appeared in the frame a few times, but he got this image on the screen, audiences still think that in this painting, Gerard was one of the main roles.

For this quality – ideal to fit into any role, the actor was madly in love with French Directors. They were easy to work with. The famous Director Claude Lelouch managed to shoot with Gerard as many as 18 films, the most popular one, “happy New year”.

96 years is a great age to walk away with dignity. Therefore, we can not heart pain just applaud the great master of his craft.

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