Golubkina wants to get pregnant by Livanov before the wedding

Голубкина хочет забеременеть от Ливанова до свадьбы The actress is dreaming again become a mother. Soon Maria Golubkina, Boris Livanov plan to get married. Movie star notes that in 43 years did not too late to think about another baby.
Голубкина хочет забеременеть от Ливанова до свадьбы
Голубкина хочет забеременеть от Ливанова до свадьбы

About two weeks ago, Maria Golubkina, Boris Livanov said the General public about that plan to get married. Roman celebrities caused a storm of discussions. Many can not understand, as the actress has decided to connect his life with a man who previously served a sentence in prison. Livanov was convicted for murder and was released in 2014. Some time later, he and Maria began to closely interact in social networks and by phone, and then I realized that fell in love with each other.

Another area emphasized in his interview that it doesn’t bother me the past is chosen. Under the statement of the actress, she was afraid of a serious relationship, while grown children. The woman believes that with age, become wiser, and therefore can now live with a man. Maria moved to Boris a few months ago. Besides, the star is thinking about to give birth to his heir. Boris Livanov: “We will get married”

“I have and the child may be ready to start. Although recently the idea of having, caused me horror. Nastya said, “You’re getting too old for this”. And I said, “Why am I old? My great-grandmother gave birth to my grandfather in 48 years,” shared the actress.
Голубкина хочет забеременеть от Ливанова до свадьбы

In the broadcast of “Secret million dollar” Boris Livanov said that they want to get married, as both Orthodox and believe in God. Mary once mentioned that in some issues, consults with priest Vladimir, who helps to make the right decision.

“And preferably not pregnant to get married, and before that time”, – said Golubkina.

She believes that the question of the birth of the child will be decided in the “heavenly office”, but stresses that they are with Boris ready to become parents. According to Mary, it is difficult even to believe in their happiness.

“Who would have thought that I will be able and, more importantly, want to live with a man, cook for him, wash the Zephyr… But that’s what happens! We practically do not leave, do everything together: sleep, eat, walk. I fantastically lucky, because I love him,” said Golubkina.

The actress is happy that their rapprochement with Boris, whom she knows from his student days, took place after 40 years, as only at this age they have learned to appreciate the good. As told by Maria in an interview with “7 days”, she feels heart next to her her man.