Golubkina revealed main negative trait Livanov

Голубкина раскрыла главную отрицательную черту характера Ливанова The movie and theatre actress is reunited with the son of the star of the series about Sherlock Holmes. The lovers spent together the Christmas holidays and now are preparing for the wedding, the date of which remains unknown. Recently, Maria Golubkina told about the shortcomings of Boris Livanov.
Голубкина раскрыла главную отрицательную черту характера Ливанова

Maria Golubkina and son of Vasily Livanov Boris is one of the most eccentric couples in the Russian show-business. The heirs of famous names that together, then break up again. Last year the couple wanted to get married, but at the last moment changed his mind. Then the actress said, they with Boris decided to postpone the wedding indefinitely. About when Golubkina and Lebanon legitimize the relationship, is still unknown.

In a recent interview, Mary confirmed that it still plans to tie the knot with Boris. Like any couple, they have a recurring problem in the relationship. Golubkina told reporters about the shortcomings of the elect. According to women, Lebanon is very lazy.

“You know what I dream? To my fiancé, actor Boris Livanov finally rose from the sofa and was a real “battle” of the creative unit. You know, this is probably the only thing I really wanted. The rest of the handle itself – all Russian women are strong” – shared the actress.

Maria said that modern women can’t be weak. The actress stressed that it is necessary not only to go to work, but also care about the comfort in the house, as well as to support a loved one. Star divides man into two conditional – hunters and fishermen.

“Hunter is one who likes to walk in the woods. They are active, active. Just can’t sit still. And the fishermen are passive, they throw the bait and sitting in one place, as if meditating. The angler is waiting, and the hunter is looking for,” said the woman.

Golubkina is willing to share their opinions on different topics, but the work to say not much. The actress admitted that the mother Larisa Golubkina always gives her different advice. Every time Mary tries to steer the conversation to another topic. “I told her: “Mom, come on guys, let’s dish is better”, she said. According to the successor of the famous names she’s resting during these conversations. Solidarity with Maria by her ex-husband Nikolay Fomenko.

“He has always taken an active part in our home the girls’ get-togethers with my girlfriends and loved to give them a “smart” tips,” shared Golubkina, smiling, with the newspaper “Kuban news”.

Recall that on the novel of the actress of theatre and cinema with my son the star of the series about Sherlock Holmes became known in June last year. Then Golubkina and Lebanon for the first time publicly about their relationship in the program “the Secret to a million.” Maria and Boris a long time knew each other, but the romance between them began only years later. Passion actress writer was preceded by her marriage with Nikolai Fomenko.