Golubkina and Lebanon spend together a romantic evening

Голубкина и Ливанов проводят вместе романтические вечера The heirs of starry dynasties were seen at a gala dinner. While Maria Golubkina, Boris Livanov did not represent the status of their relationship. However, fans believe that the artists resumed a little strange novel.
Голубкина и Ливанов проводят вместе романтические вечера

Actress Maria Golubkina told about the affair with the TV presenter and writer Boris Livanov in the summer of 2017. The lovers were planning to get married soon and to be married, but in August they ended the relationship. The star couple has refused to comment on the cause of the breakup, but both the man and the woman invariably hinted at a speedy reunion.

So, in the program “a Perfect repair” Livanov said, what is their quarrel. According to the man, it is difficult to find a common language with his beloved, without losing emotional control.

“We have a very complex character. We see each other, communicate, then we start to argue for leadership. This struggle of matriarchy and Patriarchy. After that, we block each other everywhere. Few weeks retreat, and everything repeats in a circle,” said the man.
Голубкина и Ливанов проводят вместе романтические вечера

Apparently, now the lovers are reconnected. New year they met together in the company of friends. Boris Livanov was quick to share a few photographs along with Golubkina.

According to fans, the stars forget about the conflict and to try to establish a relationship. “I like this pair. They seem to complement each other,” “Mary is a very beautiful woman, and she can easily get any man. And he chose Boris because he is smart and shares her life views”, “I Wish you happiness in the new year,” wrote fans Livanov and Golubkina.

Earlier, Maria told me that she now lives with her mother. The young woman said that Livanov it is found from case to case, and is afraid to impose on him any obligations. The artist is still hard to think about divorce with Nikolay Fomenko, who was issued in 2008. From her marriage with actor and showman she is survived by two children.

“I knew exactly what you don’t want to get out of a relationship. But had no idea what I really needed. Now we are Dating, but live separately. I live with my mom, he with dad. See each other like teenagers on a bench near the house,” said another area earlier.

It is likely that in 2018, the lovers will still play the scheduled wedding. Myself and Mary have repeatedly pointed out that the stamp in the passport does not play to her values. The actress is much more important to feel the sincerity of partner.