Golfer Maria Verchenova fighting with the ex-spouse for child support

Гольфистка Мария Верченова воюет с экс-супругом за алименты The athlete is suing her ex-husband, businessman Valery Balikoev. According to Maria, the man refuses to help her in content of the General’s daughter Marusya. The woman has been through dozens of meetings, in order to prove his innocence. However, this proved extremely difficult.

      Гольфистка Мария Верченова воюет с экс-супругом за алименты

      30-year-old Olympic champion Maria Verchenova prefers not to share with the public the details of his personal life. A young woman called “Maria Sharapova golfer”, was married to businessman Valery Balikoev. They have a daughter Mary who was born in September 2012. The family of Verchenova impression perfect: close to Mary traveled with her to tournaments and seemed strongly supported it. However, a year and a half ago the couple decided to divorce. According to Mary, she broke up with the businessman from his jealous nature. The man was always in control of his beloved that had become a cause of scandal.

      In an interview with reporters golfer frankly admitted that from that moment on she is embroiled in endless court ex-lover. Verchenova claims that balikoev refuses to pay child support. According to Maria, the man closed Marusya travel abroad and concealed the size of their income. He said that earn 75 000 per month and therefore can not meet the needs of the former wife and daughter. Verchenova said that she needed an apartment, a car and assistance with the upbringing of the child.

      Гольфистка Мария Верченова воюет с экс-супругом за алименты

      Maria believes that her ex-lover deliberately renege on their obligations. She believes that balikoev behaves because they don’t view women as people. According to athletes, a businessman enough money to support her financially.

      “The court is not interested in how balikoev 75 000 rubles per month includes the previous two families with children, pay two drivers and a housekeeper, dozens of times a year flying around the world business class eats every day in expensive restaurants, dressing in only the most luxurious boutiques that offers exclusive cars such as Porsche 911 Carrera GTS. Lives in the center of Moscow in a three-storey apartment. No wonder that last year he sold half of his company “Infra” for twenty million dollars in the Russian list “Forbs” – Konstantin Nikolaev”, – says Verchenova.

      The athlete reported that she lost ex-husband in court, but the hope of a successful outcome of litigation with the businessman has not yet faded. According to Verchenova, in some cases related to the appeal of transactions on alienation of joint property, there is a positive trend.

      Despite the fact that the golfer held dozens of hearings, she continues to believe in itself, and does not intend to give up. She told the magazine SNC. At the moment Verchenova sorry about that have not concluded a marriage contract.