Goldie hawn spoke about the death of his girlfriend

Голди Хоун рассказала о смерти своей подруги

71-year-old actress Goldie hawn on instagram mourns the death of his best friend, whose identity is unknown, putting a vintage black and white photos where they hug with smiles.

Голди Хоун рассказала о смерти своей подруги

The actress also left a caption under an old photo, “I lost my best friend. Please appreciate each other. Best friends help us to move forward. Best to you all this Sunday” — wished Goldie to all of their subscribers.

The fans all kept the actress under the photo from the ‘ 70s. “I’m very sorry for your loss.” — commented one of abledata 1.1 million followers on Sunday 6th August. “I am confident, your smile, your laughter and your love has filled a special place in her heart,” the actress supports one more fan. Most interestingly, this is not the first time the actress chooses this way to mourn special people in her life. For example, in December 2016 hawn recalled his dead mother, Laura hawn, the day when it was their birthday and the anniversary of her death. In November 27th, the actress wrote, “Today my mom was born. Her love is still alive. She was a real star.”. She died at 80 in his birthday in 1993.

On the same day, the actress decided to put a nice photo of her granddaughter Rio that hugs her best friend. The baby was wearing a crown and yellow dress, and her friend dressed as a superhero. Goldie signed the post, “that’s It!”.

Голди Хоун рассказала о смерти своей подруги

The actress spoke about the importance of friendship for regular get-togethers with reporters of People magazine. In response to the question “Who makes her laugh?”, Goldie said “Estin e so many friends that you can just sit and laugh from the heart.” But we are confident that the actress many.

But not from the girlfriend, as their grandchildren Goldie gets the major dose of joy. Grandma was delighted when her granddaughter Rio, the daughter of her son Oliver graduated from kindergarten.

The actress told People magazine and Entertainment Weekly about his “blended family”, which includes children: Oliver -40, Kate — 38, Boston — 37 and Wyatt — 30, along with five grandchildren. Goldie told me that thanks to my family, they understood the secret of a long and strong relationship. “Love, gratitude, compassion, because sometimes every man or woman will drive your partner crazy. Family, fun, laughter and sex.” says Goan.

Couple Goldie hawn and her husband Kurt Russell together recently received a star on the Hollywood walk of Fame. Hawn spoke about Tom’s bottom “It was a day of love. The last thing he said was “I will always treasure you.” I did not expect that he would say such a thing. I had no idea about what he’s gonna be such a sweetheart.”