Goldie hawn and Kurt Russell “married” in Hollywood

Goldie hawn and Kurt Russell "married" in Hollywood
Civilian spouses were honored with a rare honor.

Goldie hawn and Kurt Russell


Goldie hawn and her longtime boyfriend Kurt
Russell will soon go through is quite unusual for
Hollywood ceremony. The fact that the actress and her partner will
organized unique dual “show”: the simultaneous opening of their “stars”
Hollywood Alley of Fame. About it
according to the Internet site

This unusual decision was made because
that Goldie and Kurt are a subject of special pride of all overseas show business.
Besides the fact that both are wonderful actors, starring in many excellent
films, hawn and Russell is known that
they manage for almost 35 years to be together, but never officially
were not married! And now the upcoming “action” on the walk of Fame will be honoring
not only the talent of hawn and Russell and their amazing romance. As told
during his recent interview with 71-year-old Goldie hawn, she perceives this as
it called “a little unusual
the ceremony” as a salute to their love, as well as a lovely substitute for the real
the official marriage.

As for a real wedding, something that,
says hawn, she and Russell never will be, although rumours of their alleged planned marriage occurred more than once. “If we
time married, then, most likely, would long ago have divorced!” said Goldie.
“If you want to bind to a partner, then of course, get married. But
this may not get anything good. But the relationship has not
recorded on paper, much better – they give you the freedom in making
solutions…” explained the actress.