Золотая маска-пленка, суфле для тела с маршмеллоу и другие бьюти-новинки недели

The shower gels with extracts of broccoli, spinach, cucumber and celery, fragrant face creams, body souffle, a new generation of hairpins-invisible, Golden mask, shampoo with the effect of lamination and other beauty innovations of the week — about all the most interesting talk in our review.

Perfume duet Because It’s You for her and Stronger With You for him, Emporio Armani (6 300 5 730 RUB and RUB.)

Every spring we look forward to the sun, the time when it will be possible to change the jacket into a coat, and… floral aromas. Perfumer Anne Flipo introduced a new interpretation of the composition In Love With You, released in 2017, making it even more sweet and delicious, like juicy ripe cherries in chocolate.

It has a fashionable touch of alcohol – rum, which lends a caramel-honey taste. The novelty is not too intense, but it is pretty resistant for summer trips the most.

The aroma Stronger With You Intensely for men, created by Cecil Mutton, also like candy, but rather a toffee. Here, spicy cinnamon and pink pepper and warm amber, and lavender. In support of flavors the brand has released not just a commercial, but a mini-series involving Matilda Lutz (Laura) and James Jagger (Sex). It tells the story of a young couple who every day invents new romantic test for his love, and every adventure is accompanied by a unique flavor.

The Desire Pure Color lipstick, Estee Lauder (3 700 RUB)

Instead of lipsticks that dry the lips and fade after the first Cup of coffee in the morning, came like Desire Pure Color from Estee Lauder. She has a moisturizing formula with extremely high content of pigments (as much as 25 percent), so it was literally one movement. The coating is easy, and durability is decent (promises eight hours).

The choice ndovie, rich red, bright orange and expressive pink shades with two finishes: matte and shining.

Concealer-Light cushion Velvet Cushion SPF50+, Make Up For Ever (three thousand rubles).

Looking for a tinted moisturizer suitable for your dry skin? From Make Up For Ever just there is is cushion-textured fluid with resistance up to 12 hours and excellent moisturizing ability. The composition includes a mix of organic and mineral UV-filters, which increase the degree of sun protection (SPF50+).

The composition of the formula based on water includes silicon dioxide, it is responsible for the fact that after the working day, the skin became like a thick pancake. This ingredient absorbs excess sebum, providing a semi-matte finish and soft focus effect (like a blur in Facetune). Apply the product with a powder puff, which is included in the kit or a brush, because the tone will fall evenly. The novelty is available in six shades.

Золотая маска-пленка, суфле для тела с маршмеллоу и другие бьюти-новинки недели

Line of natural cosmetics Skin Super Food, Planeta Organica

The new collection Skin Super Food from Planeta Organica’t just look and smell like real fruit smoothies and delicious smoothies. Include juicy fruits, vegetables and, of course, Superfoods (they are everywhere).

Planeta Organica especially emphasizes that all raw materials brand acquires directly from responsible farmers from different countries. This means that products are only the ripest fruit, and herbs grown on organic land and harvested by hand without the use of mechanical means.

Золотая маска-пленка, суфле для тела с маршмеллоу и другие бьюти-новинки недели

All products in the collection is 99% composed of natural ingredients, does not contain SLS, parabens not tested on animals. Even as a washing base all gels used are not accustomed surfactants and extract of Indian soap nut. In General, everything is as it should be, ecofriendly.

In a new series of Skin Super Food includes shower gels with broccoli, spinach, avocado, watermelon, and tangerine souffle, smelling exactly like a marshmallow, milk, reminiscent of smoothies with coconut, strawberry vanilla, not less than fragrant creams and body scrubs.

Barrettes Waver, Invisibobble (390 RUB.)

Brand Invisibobble (the one which produces the gum-springs) invented a new form of stealth. They remind us of the usual pins, only a spiral shape and not metal. They are made from 100% synthetic resin. This material is not afraid of water, does not fade and easy to clean. Most importantly, this invisibility not to rip my hair during removal and leaves no creases.

Set for gentle exfoliation and intense hydration, I’m Sorry For My Skin (590 RUB.)

Korean brand iM1NE Labs again pleased us with a new mask. This time he released a set for the residents of the metropolis with the effect of anti-pollution. Fashion means “anti-smog” originated in Asia, where the total pollution of the air for a long time brings about changes in the care of the skin. Scientists have proved that a bad environment adversely affects the skin the less ultraviolet light.

So, this set contains the peeling disks with vitamins P and C, aloe, broccoli and Kakadu plum (the richest source of vitamin C).

All of them are a good exfoliate and deep cleanse pores from traces of makeup, sebum and dirt. The second stage is the hydration. This set has four soft pads: one side with bumps, and the second smooth. You need to apply them on the face the smooth side, and after five minutes remove and massage the skin side with pimples.

In the composition of the pads softening and soothing complexes with unpronounceable names and an extract of plaun rock (also referred to as flower Sunday). Aroma means very tender and tasty with a hint of cherry or sweet jam.

Золотая маска-пленка, суфле для тела с маршмеллоу и другие бьюти-новинки недели

Gold mask for face “scrub and Shine”, Avon (550 RUB.)

Collection Anew “Rejuvenation 45+” has replenished with new funds, the main precious ingredient — gold. In addition to the gel-oil for face with an extract of silk, an assortment brand has a mask. This is the first such product from Avon.

When applied to the skin is not absorbed and hardens to form a gold film. Guaranteed so you can feel like iron man! What is especially nice mask when removing does not remove together with dead skin cells and even vellus hair from the face (many similar products this sin), and acts as gently as possible.

Золотая маска-пленка, суфле для тела с маршмеллоу и другие бьюти-новинки недели

Shampoo and conditioner with the effect of lamination, Dr.Stern (about 250 rubles).

Dr. Stern is a drugstore brand that specializiruetsya on cosmetics with medical-preventive action. All formulas are developed by the Swiss laboratory, and produced in Russia (perhaps this is why their prices do not bite). In the line you will find a new shampoo and conditioner for dull and damaged hair.

Золотая маска-пленка, суфле для тела с маршмеллоу и другие бьюти-новинки недели

The effect of lamination, after the visit to the beauty salon promises to give keratin, ceramides, collagen and elastin, which restores damaged hair. The complex covers hair with a thin film, smoothes and protects them during installation.

Among topcomponents are vitamin and pearl and even caviar extract, but it in what concentration, we do not dare to say. But know that there are no parabens, SLS, genetically modified substances, ether, mineral oil and propylene glycol.

Золотая маска-пленка, суфле для тела с маршмеллоу и другие бьюти-новинки недели

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