Go boldly: 27 pairs of boots and ankle boots, to tread the gloomy autumn on the throat

Шагай смело: 27 пар сапог и ботильонов, чтобы наступить хмурой осени на горло

The days are getting shorter, the sun peeks less frequently of the dangers that await us on the street every day. No, this is not a description of the new post — apocalyptic horror just came in the autumn and winter, with early nightfall, black ice, uncleared snow and a deep sense of longing for a bright light over the wardrobe and branded sandals, othvachennyh on sale on the last day of summer. They now, of course, have to languish in prison until spring, but most mimic gray-sad scale environment is not necessary.

SPLETNIK.RU collected 27 pairs of shoes to survive the cold, and parties, and office everyday!

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