Glyuk’oza wished Sobchak not in a hurry to get out of the decree

Глюк'oZa пожелала Собчак не спешить выходить из декрета

The birthday leading her friend wished her to enjoy motherhood.

5 Nov Ksenia Sobchak celebrated its 35th anniversary. By this age, she managed many things: famous all over the country, realized in the profession, she met her man and married him. And here Xenia will become a mother. What else can you wish for complete happiness? Only true friends like Gluk’oza.

That binds stars and how they love to spend time together, Glyuk’oza told editors of Woman’s Day.

“First and foremost, Xenia is a friend of my husband Alexander Chistyakov, they know each other almost since childhood. Our first meeting took place at the very beginning of my musical career, we were hanging out on one social event and somehow immediately found a common language, it was insanely interesting to talk to,” says Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova. – Xenia, you might say, fairy godmother of our Sasha family, because thanks to her we met in 2005. She attended our wedding and, incidentally, caught the bride’s bouquet! Yes, down the aisle she went, seven years later, but the sign worked.

They Maxim is a very harmonious couple. We are happy to go on vacation with family and spend time actively, as it was this spring, when our company flew to the Maldives and together we did yoga every day. And once we went to Spain, the men left us, me and Xenia went shopping and decided that it is not just a shopping, not every get yourself clothes, and we choose it for each other! Stuck for a few hours, but both were satisfied.”

“Of course, such important dates as birthdays and the anniversary of weddings, we celebrate together, but we really don’t need a reason to meet. Had a free Friday? Going, going somewhere. Not just dinner, but definitely come up with something interesting to do. For example, play the “paper” – favourite game Susie, when the whole company writes on slips of speech, then we mix them, put in a hat, take turns pulling leaves, and each participant tries to explain how many words per minute. It turns out very funny.

In birthday I wish Ksenia, so she was always in a good mood, no matter what, proudly walked forward. And, of course, so she felt the role of mother in full, and most importantly – was able to find the time to see everything. After all, when a child is born, we moms, always run to work. And my personal story was no exception, I’m just a few months back on the scene, so having this experience, I have to say Ksenia that she enjoyed this period and saw the first victory of his baby.”

We join the congratulations and wish Ksenia more joyful moments and less sleepless nights!