Glyuk’oza: “vacation my husband and I took the nurse costume”

Глюк’oZa: «В отпуск с мужем я взяла костюм медсестры» The singer spoke about the fight with daughter, sex with her husband and the unexpected advice of his mother. Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova gave “StarHit” the Frank interview, which did not hesitate to speak about personal things.

      Глюк’oZa: «В отпуск с мужем я взяла костюм медсестры»

      Glyuk’oza loves to shock, to experiment, not afraid of discussion and condemnation. About it there are dozens of various myths and rumors. “StarHit” asked 30-year-old Natalia Chistyakova ions that were not solved by others.

      “If I write what I eat, my people will hate”

      Natasha, the last time fans and detractors discuss each of your publication: deep neckline, ultra-short dress…
      Глюк’oZa: «В отпуск с мужем я взяла костюм медсестры»Certainly, the increased attention to my images nicely. But not all are so blatant. I like it when a woman looks elegant, sexy, provocative. In addition, while I have no age restrictions. Of course, at some point it will cease to be naked, not to look ridiculous. I follow different instagram, the same Irina Shayk is always a beautiful body, daring outfits. And nobody blames, say, bare! But Irina is one particular direction – she’s a model, these clothes are quite predictable. Can’t say that I constantly strive to shock. For me, the main dress code is to understand where I’m going and for what purpose. Try to dress appropriate. In the theater or at a charity event, of course, does not appear half-naked.—
      You literally blew up the Internet, appearing no underwear at the presentation hours. How is your husband such a stand?
      Глюк’oZa: «В отпуск с мужем я взяла костюм медсестры»All 10 years that I’m married, people interested in the reaction of Sasha on this “mess”. Two children born second wedding played again each other in love confessed… But people waiting for the same dresses you’ll ruin my personal life. Yes, Sasha is very upset by the recent shooting in MAXIM magazine – he didn’t like it all. But obstacles he never mends. In fact, my husband sometimes doesn’t see what I left, what returned. Sasha doesn’t even know about the existence of that dress that everyone talked so much. In instagram I have not posted, women’s sites husband does not read, and in the “Gazette” I, unfortunately, was not printed.—
      And Sasha’s mom approved of the dress?
      Глюк’oZa: «В отпуск с мужем я взяла костюм медсестры»In-law I have a great relationship. Tamara Balabekova intelligent, from a completely different environment – professorial. But this all girl-girl. We can talk until late at night, and in the restaurant to escape. I always listen to her advice. For example, to be gentle, pozostanie. She always acts in the interests of their own child, and I respect her for that. I’m not jealous of Sasha to his mother. Tamara was always in the debate stands on the side of truth, is trying to reconcile us in any detail. Understands that we are without each other happy we will not.
      Глюк’oZa: «В отпуск с мужем я взяла костюм медсестры»
      Your sister is a pastry chef. How do you manage to stay in great shape? It’s inhuman endurance!
      Глюк’oZa: «В отпуск с мужем я взяла костюм медсестры»Alexander often comes to visit, loves to spend time with nieces, brings gifts. She, thank God, not working on a specialty – it would all definitely put on weight. I do love sweets. Favorite dessert is sold in “Volkonsky” – Baba. Yesterday my husband went to the restaurant, we leave and understand that soon a pastry shop closes. Calling in panic: “We’re going!” They waited. So before bed I ate three Baba! I often hear: “Write about how you eat?” If I echodelay me people will hate.—
      Why do so few talk about parents?
      Глюк’oZa: «В отпуск с мужем я взяла костюм медсестры»Mom and dad don’t really like publicity, but occasionally I try to share and their photos. Dad is a programmer, still working but now having more time to grandchildren, come, brings, sends to school… there Are days when at home with my daughters only grandma and grandpa.—
      Many celebrity kids in school are set. It happens that your daughter “stars”? How to raise children in an environment where everything is?
      Глюк’oZa: «В отпуск с мужем я взяла костюм медсестры»Lida Faith without boast, modestly educated, none of them boast of not boasting. I immediately explained to the child that everyone in the class mother is a star. There are stars-the doctors – we go to them to pay homage, if only they helped, there are stars of other professions. I really like our school – there are no gadgets, not to bring, required form. My children do not have phones, TV they watch is limited. Daughters play, walk, communicate with friends. Sometimes, they’re bullies – it’s all mother! Once even evoked in the school because of a fight, the older someone stood up. She then eye to eye say: “You, of course, great, act good, but why children bash?! The fist case is not solved”. Sometimes you have to punish them. Like all children, they are all the time you ask for something, and I can deprive them of this: not to put on the birthday, not allowed to play with the dog… And in order to get something, they, too, must be desire. Motivation, persuasion, example – the three pillars of my education.—
      What are you still ashamed in front of mom?
      Глюк’oZa: «В отпуск с мужем я взяла костюм медсестры»Mother was always my friend lived on the same wave. She was such a Tomboy, ran away from home as I do at the time. Of course, for such things I feel ashamed. But here recently my older Lida did. They say that we force a lot of to do. Her escape nowhere – circle fences. But she wrote a note: “You don’t understand me, I’m leaving home!” And went for a walk, circles dimmed. I look out the window look: the hat, jacket, scarf. I think – well, let them. Head clear, returned.
      Глюк’oZa: «В отпуск с мужем я взяла костюм медсестры»
      What are the most awkward questions to ask girls, what did you say?
      Глюк’oZa: «В отпуск с мужем я взяла костюм медсестры»Where are the children – have already begun to show interest in it. Explained yet what can of stomach. What else can you say nine-year old child? Information should come as they Mature. Will ask more specific questions – I will try to answer. About the boys not yet asked. My kids still play hide and seek, skating, change into doctor treated me.—
      For many stars all at home doing the housekeeper. How do you think it’s right or not?
      Глюк’oZa: «В отпуск с мужем я взяла костюм медсестры»Everything in life should be fun. When it is possible to have a housekeeper, a woman to pay and see her happy, why not. I will definitely do something around the house. For example, when there is a mood and want to stay with children, together we prepare, come up with recipes for pancakes. In childhood I was cleaned, washed, ironed things… Not blue-blooded lady! My daughters also take anything. Despite having maids, they fold clothes, ate – carrying plates in the dishwasher. When you grow up and decide I don’t want to do this, then Yes, please, at least put on the floor.

      “Called the front Desk husband threatened divorce her”

      Many of you tried to catch in the plastic. How do you feel about lip enhancement, nose reshaping?
      Глюк’oZa: «В отпуск с мужем я взяла костюм медсестры»I’ve never done plastic surgery, but when I try to prove the opposite, deep down, even pleasant. Although one time I tried to chop lips – it was awful! Was such a scandal at home, her husband shouted: “you’ll be like Rublev!” This drug has resolved unrealistically long. Despite the fact that I was assured that in a few weeks, nothing will be noticeable. I’m all for women doing physical exercise person, so they went to massages, did mesotherapy. And 50 years is possible and to a good surgeon to go to. Don’t think, in principle, to go under the knife – me all arranges. For me, the beauty secret is sleep. I noticed that when you sleep face immediately toned, no bruising under the eyes. This is important! Many people think that some procedures can stifle stress, insomnia. My friend says “Oh, I’m going to the salon!” And I said, “Go get some sleep!” And it really works.—
      All the rich their quirks. And what quirks your husband?
      Глюк’oZa: «В отпуск с мужем я взяла костюм медсестры»Honestly, I did not notice. He’s such a decent person that I sometimes look at him and think: these people still are generally?! So educated, intelligent! So the phrase about the quirks can’t even attributed to her husband. Besides, he just hit himself. I know it’s been a long journey – how he lived in a small apartment, rented it with a friend. His Hobbies, not fads. Loves music – rock-n-roll, thanks to his passion has created a hall of the Stadium, which holds concerts of world celebrities. Loves sports. He enjoys badminton. Recently I pulled a ligament on his right hand and said, “I’m still going to go play left!” It is such a will, thirst for life and everything else!—
      What would you like to change in your man?
      Глюк’oZa: «В отпуск с мужем я взяла костюм медсестры»Nothing. If you don’t like something, I’m just saying – he reacts. Earlier was the topic of jars from under the drinking yoghurt – he was arranging them along the sink. It didn’t last long, I complained, and Sasha: “okay, I’ll throw out that you said something?” Pure male logic. In everyday life we have no unanswered questions.
      Глюк’oZa: «В отпуск с мужем я взяла костюм медсестры»
      How do you keep passion in a relationship? What do you think about watching erotic videos or games?
      Глюк’oZa: «В отпуск с мужем я взяла костюм медсестры»Think that support of the senses is required, but at a certain point. I quite often spoil my husband with such things, make surprises. Flash in need. I think it’s fun. There was a funny story: I bought a nurse costume, we gathered in Amsterdam. But had some good times, I even get forgotten. Came home like, “Damn, I forgot nurse costume!” Laughed for a long time. Sasha’s like “Yeah, you’re a seductress.” There has to be some humor somewhere sex in a relationship should be all. You must be a friend and support, and wife, and mistress.—
      What in life are you most afraid of?
      Глюк’oZa: «В отпуск с мужем я взяла костюм медсестры»The loss of loved ones, diseases that have no cure. What can not influence, to fix it. Health is the most important.—
      There were moments when you were scared for your life?
      Глюк’oZa: «В отпуск с мужем я взяла костюм медсестры»For the most part I tried not to take them seriously. Called the front Desk my husband is threatened, they say, divorce her. Sick people with a mental illness. Recently become afraid of flying. I don’t know why. Before that, adored, even doing aerobatics. Gave birth to children, and feelings changed. It becomes uncomfortable, even when the news include. I do not know like these people, but live with the family. It is terrible when the plane crashes, the terrorist attacks In the world… so much going on. But living in fear is silly.—
      Who did you hurt?
      Глюк’oZa: «В отпуск с мужем я взяла костюм медсестры»My last song just about it. And just realized this. In school, I was a young man – before I met my husband. He seriously took my tour, the departures were not psychologically ready. Besides, traveled with musicians – guys. He generally has in mind all messed up. 10 years have passed since the last meeting, I’m married, happy, love. All this time we never communicated. Here and there in the airport – I have a delayed flight. Such anguish I saw in his eyes. Before leaving, he handed me the note, after reading which he realized that he still has feelings. I think it was very painful. I’ve been left. But that’s life – need to be strong.