Glyuk’oza told me about the big quarrels with her husband

Глюк'oZа рассказала о крупных ссорах с мужем The singer admits that, as in any family, between her and spouse conflicts. The actress is glad she and her beloved can be the first to go to reconciliation. But Glyuk’oza tries to show all your feminine wisdom to avoid disagreements with Alexander Chistyakov.

      Глюк'oZа рассказала о крупных ссорах с мужем

      Popular singer Natalia Ionova, better known under the pseudonym Gluk’oza, will soon celebrate tin wedding – 10 years of marriage with her husband Alexander Chistyakov. Despite the fact that the couple have been together for quite a long time and raising two lovely daughters – eight-year-old Lida and four-year-old Faith, the actress admits that, like all other families, between her and her husband conflict situations.

      “We’re a fight, not for long — only podoima a little bit. Never go to sleep angry — be sure to go to sleep in one bed. Our family decided not to slam doors, to go into another room and even to sleep outside,” – said Natalia.

      Ions, like many other Actresses, often appearing in public and on stage in a rather revealing outfits, and sometimes posing for men’s magazines. She understands that it’s not really like her husband, however, she managed to explain Alexander, what is the point in these photos. Glyuk’oza grateful to her husband for the fact that he respects her choice.

      Glyuk’oza: “my Husband scandal, seeing me in someone else’s bathroom”

      When conflicts do happen, Natalia is not afraid to go for reconciliation first.

      “Fortunately, neither I, nor Sasha has no inflated ego, excessive pride, and we both can take the first step towards reconciliation. Always try to extinguish quarrels and be aware that saying and doing against each other. Often spouses swear, say rude words, insults. And the ball from the offense all accumulated and after some time can destroy even the strongest unions. So I urge everyone to watch what and how you say in a moment of emotional explosion. In any situation it is best not to lose my temper,” – said the singer.

      In 10 years of married life she became more to listen to the spouse. And if before she could argue with Alexander, but now realizes that he has a huge life experience, so listen to his opinion. Despite a fairly long marriage, the singer manages to maintain passion in a relationship with a spouse.

      “I try when Sasha is more likely to appear in beautiful lingerie to whet his interest in myself,” – says the actress in an interview

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