Глюк'oZа рассказала, как страдала от наркотической зависимости Natalia Ionova took illegal drugs. At an early age star made her film debut, and at age 12 began to try substances that alter consciousness, and to drink alcohol.

Glyuk’oza debuted on the TV screen at the age of 12 years, ending in the shooting of the project “jumble”. In 1999, she met with Maxim Fadeev, who acted as composer for the film “Triumph”. He called her bold and brazen.

“We met him in this moment of life, which is not now. It happened that I resorted to some drugs because they enhanced the senses, intensified emotions. I was 12 years old. I starred in the movie. I think I’ve tried all types of drugs. And there I tasted the port. I did not calculate the dose. And Max saved me,” shared the ions.

According to the artist, many of her peers no longer alive. Besides, Glyuk’oza was a difficult situation in the family: she claims that her parents sometimes disagreed and lived alone and abused alcohol. “In fact, I was raised by a grandmother. She loved me in spite of my partying and leaves the house” – shared star.

In recognition of the ion, at their entrance all used drugs, and in the Elevator shaft littered with used syringes. Singer does not deny that tried different kinds of illegal drugs. Once she and her friends even went to the forest to find the narcotic substance contained in one of the plants. Then one girl of their group became ill she fainted and smashed his chin. After this incident, Natalia was thinking about how to tie in with addiction. “Anything that alters consciousness, it’s not mine,” – says Ionova.

Now Natalie is a happy wife and mother. She married Alexander Chistyakov for 13 years. “I get strong people who want to take care of me. First Max, then Sasha,” – said the singer. According to the artist, she was not ready to completely sacrifice career for family, so sometimes their marriage was on the verge of collapse.

Ionova said that it is ready to grow old with her husband. Thanks to her husband, she revealed her womanhood, began wearing sexy outfits. “I am happy that I have overcome their childhood complexes… Me all the time something is not liked in himself. Didn’t like my body. I was told that I’m skinny, undernourished,” – says Natalia in the interview with Super.ru.