Glyuk’oza preparing for the birth of the third child

Глюк’oZa готовится к рождению третьего ребенка The singer is seriously thinking about adding to the family. Gluk’oza and her husband Alexander Chistyakov dream about the boy. However, the pair are willing to wait a couple of years until youngest daughter Faith goes to school.

      Singer Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova, better known under the stage name Gluk’oza, for ten years, lives with her husband Alexander. The couple grows two charming daughters – nine-year-old Lida and five-year-old Faith. Fans admire the Union of celebrity and consider this pair one of the highest in the Russian show business. The artist admits that dreams of a big family, and therefore is configured to have another child. She admitted that even preparing for this event.

      “We dream about the boy! I really want a baby and carefully prepare for this event. I love children, adore my family! I want to see more of in the house of little children, hear their laughter. What could be better than this? Because children grow quickly. But I so want to cuddle the baby. I hope I have the opportunity still is. My daughters also really want another brother. They come to me and say: “Mommy, we have a little brother.” And then, a moment later, added: “No, the better of the two brothers, so we were able to share among themselves”, – admitted the singer.

      Despite the fact that Natalia is actively recording a new song and sings it every free minute holds next to her husband and adorable children. The actress is glad that her husband supports her in everything. Despite the fact that Gluk’oza often appears at events in quite revealing costumes, this is rarely a cause of scandal in the family. The singer admitted that sometimes, Alexander does not even see what outfit she chooses, because not satisfied with her scenes.

      The artist herself admits that the wife is jealous, despite the fact that he doesn’t give her reason to doubt the honesty. “I try to control their feelings, but not always. I very much love my husband and every day I thank God that he sent me Sasha. Although we have imperfect relationships. They are, I think, only in the pages of glossy magazines. Family is a big job: you need to be able to negotiate,” – said the artist.

      Glyuk’oza: “vacation my husband and I took the nurse costume”

      Now Natalia and Alexander are willing to wait a couple of years, to return to thinking about the new addition to the family. They want Faith grew a little. “I think when the youngest starts school, we’ll take it from here. I have to wait five minutes!” – admitted Gluk’oza in an interview with “Interlocutor”.