Глюк'oZa ходит на пляж с вечерней прической

This time the singer surprised his fans: it turns out that even Natasha sunbathes in full regalia.

When you look at photos Glyuk’oza, involuntarily begin to hum the famous line from the song: “Because it is impossible to be beautiful such”. Think Natasha irresistible in any outfit, and concert dress in regular shorts and a housecoat, and swimsuit. But it seemed before that it all manage itself, without any effort. That it is enough to tint the lips, pricessa – and now she is the Queen of the night.

But apparently not always. The singer posted to your blog fresh pictures from vacation: she sunbathes on the beach in beautiful black swimsuit. However, neither the half-naked Breasts or sexy bodysuit made no impression on fans of the stars. They drew attention to the hairstyle Natasha! It’s like she just stepped out of a beauty salon.

“This summer was very emotionally dense, and in the end there are still lots of questions”, – has signed a snapshot of the ions.

Questions, Natasha, and the truth is there are many. Why, for example, to do hair for the beach? Or that was the final photo shoot from my vacation? If so, then forgive. The more that the pictures are very beautiful.

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