Glyuk’oza came with no underwear to a fancy party.

Глюк'oZa пришла без белья на светский ужин

The singer once again surprised fans with a sensual outfit. This time her choice fell on a provocative dress, which she wore without underwear.

Fans Glyuk’oza already exhausted, controlling the degree of exposure in social networks. In the comments to the pictures in Instagram of the star and then there are critical cries calling to chastity and more modest attire. Natalia Ionova, however, when choosing evening and beach toilets the critics does not take into account, and therefore continues to appear in the light in a very sensual sets.

One of these outfits was the bright red dress with long lace-up, exposing her chest and thigh. In it, the singer appeared at a closed presentation of the Nobu restaurant. Even to the naked eye it was evident that Gluk’oza decided to completely abandon the underwear. Things we do for beauty!

In fairness it should be noted that the star seemed in the selected outfit is stunning, despite his frankness. I think love Natalia for such toilets is easily explained: such a stunning figure just a sin not to show it! Sure, any woman caught in such a perfect body, would probably have dressed the same way.