Glyuk’oza came to the meeting with Steven Seagal without underwear

Глюк'oZa пришла на встречу со Стивеном Сигалом без белья The star shocked the guests at the ceremony and Network users, to its too Frank outfit. Exhibited Alexander Revva photo in Instagram caused a heated discussion.

      On his page in the microblog comedian Alexander Revva published a picture from the presentation of the new watch U-Boat, which were developed with the direct participation of the Hollywood actor Steven Seagal. He also attended the last event in one of Moscow restaurants. However, the greatest attention to the singer Glyuk’oza, which appeared in a red bodycon dress with a deep neckline and nontrivial vertical cut. The actress arrived for the social event without underwear and almost exposing the juiciest places. The naked parts of the body become the cause of disputes subscribers Revva.

      Most of the users did not discuss actor Steven Seagal or singer Emin, who was one of the organizers of the evening. 30-year-old mother of two became the chief object of universal interest.

      “Something Glucose suffered a wrong!”, “If you take nothing else remains to be naked!”, “In 30 years should be modest,what an example she takes the daughters!”, “Well, the dress that people without complexes!” – I wrote to subscribers in Instagram.

      But a discussion of only one of the dresses was not limited. Fans began to accuse the singer that was not to be appearing in so bold for her. Some noted that her husband probably opposed outright kits but Glyuk’oza “ignores this fact. To be more convincing followers began to criticize the “meager” vocal Natasha Ionova, and her penchant for outrageous. The name of the star is repeatedly mentioned in the press when it was about the most exciting, sexy and bold images of stars. For a singer firmly entrenched image of uninhibited seductress, which is not only not shy to show the advantages of their figure, but also finds ways them in a special way to emphasize.

      Mom Glyuk’oza in swimsuit became a subject of discussion

      In recognition of the actress, she doesn’t think their outfits for the release of vulgar. She did not hides from the lenses of cameras and camcorders. Thanks to intense training in the gym and proper nutrition Natasha has constantly supported itself in the right form and shows it to the public. But netizens don’t always approve of the choice of the stars.

      “Maybe it was conceived, might suit such a stage?”, “Why you should care about her dress?”, “She’s free to dress how he wants!” – defended the singer some netizens.