Glyuk’oza became the victim of a crime

Глюк’oZа стала жертвой преступления
The singer lost the jewels because of the “Voronin”/

Ekaterina Volkova and Natalia Ionova

Ekaterina Volkova
became an unwitting participant in the crimes that happened in Sochi, where now
film festival “Kinotavr”. Husband star “Voronin” bought one
local merchants beads which were stolen from Natalia Ionova staying
in a local hotel.

Fortunately, the incident
didn’t happen in real life, and in the popular TV series, shooting of which are
in the seaside resort.

In one of the new series Voronin leave in holidays on
the South, where the fall in criminal history. And all because Faith complained
Coast, the lack of attention and romance. Shiftless husband decides to fork out and buy
the local touts expensive beads. But met in the bar the singer Glyuk oZу, Peter and Leon
understand: Verina the new clothes were stolen from the stars. To return an expensive thing
the mistress, the brothers are ready to break the law, and most importantly – to deny the Faith beloved gift…

“Of course,
tour sometimes all: and favorite earrings are lost, and without a suitcase was left
shared Natalia. But such entangled “plunder” I do not remember.
To admit, quite envious of this close-knit and incredibly talented team
part which for a while I was able to become. Such an incredibly warm and
intimate atmosphere, few people can boast. I think that’s
lies the long term success of “Voronin”.

Shooting a new series take place in the territory of the Sochi seaport, in
on one of the yachts, where the script stopped’oza. Artists
the costume was prepared for her to have two images to choose from, but in the end the Director
stopped at a dress from the wardrobe of the singer. But coral beads
disrupt the holiday peace Voronin was made to order. For expensive
the necklace the character of Georgy Dronov even have to dive into the sea. In this scene
the actor used the services of a stuntman, but to plunge into the water he
I went into the frame George comes up with the found loot.