Глюк'oZa сообщила об открытии клуба ее супруга In the microblog actress wrote that Stadium Live has finally earned once again. She posted a video from the concert of American Duo Twenty One Pilots who opened a new season of events at this establishment.

      On his page in social networks singer Gluk’oza said fans radostnoe news. She said that the club Staduim Live, which belongs to her husband Alexander Chistyakov, reopened its doors and is ready to take the next concerts and to conduct all planned for several months ahead of the event. The actress was accompanied by recording video that captures the frame with performances by American artists. According to records, the dance floor is not even enough space left, participants of musical events filled the whole room.

      The reaction of subscribers to the news of Natasha Ionova was unpredictable. Most of them even could not imagine that a little over three months after the closing of club work again. The followers did not hide emotions and began to congratulate each other with this event. Someone said that I was hoping to see performances by your favorite artists this season, but the experience apparently was in vain.

      Spouse Glyuk’ozy can deprive a profitable business

      “This is really great news!”, “I believe!”, “Finally! Didn’t think wait!” – written by enthusiastic subscribers.

      The official opening of the club took place on 12 October. In the official group in “Vkontakte” administration Staduim Live reported that currently, the institution will continue to make scheduled concerts, so people who have purchased event tickets with the 20’s of October nothing to worry about. All the announced artists will be performing, as such changes are not anticipated.

      Recall that Staduim Live was closed and sealed 23 Jun service trial pristatau. Then the audience was a complete misunderstanding of what is happening. After all, they already bought the tickets and all the posters from the site of the club was gone. The blame for all debts. In December last year at the club, which is owned by Chistyakov, was filed in the court in order to recover the money for the rent, the total amount of which exceeded seven million rubles. Then the decision was granted, but the Manager of the company have filed appeals, whereby the court ultimately ruled that Staduim LIve should pay a little more than one million rubles. Debt for the lease mixed up with duty for the Executive, a fee of 50 thousand rubles. In the end, was taken drastic measures and the club was sealed.

      Currently, however, the iron rods, which Staduim Live was sealed on the outside was removed, and the club is familiar to his fans mode. Many netizens during the summer oficialnyj checked the website of the casino in the hope to find out some details, but no information on the Internet could not be found. People wrote that unhappy incident, that they are surprised by the fact that closed one of the leading dance venues in Moscow. “I don’t believe it! How was it possible? This place was one of the best in the city. With him went an era, though it was short-lived. I hope that there is justice!” – wrote one of the visitors of the club.

      Now the audience is actively buying tickets to coming concerts. Very soon there will be performances of Noize MC Parov Stelar, Skillet and others. Fans of the musical events I hope that the concerts will continue to be organized well.