Глюк'oZa призналась, что ест на ночь

After meeting with her friends, the singer broke your diet.

We sometimes think that stars are perfect. Like, where are we, ordinary mortals, to find a time in sports when all day work, house cleaning… And the evening and stretches a hand towards the piece of cake, otherwise life is dreary. But the stars another life, light-hearted, it is very easy to adhere to proper nutrition, constantly engaged in physical activity. As it is not so! They are people too with their weaknesses.

Take, for example, Glyuk oZу. Would you think that the singer sometimes allows himself a night of gluttony? But sometimes it happens. And how else, if you evening in the restaurant met friends? With a glass of water or something to sit?

“Met with the girls. SchA going to eat! Yes at night, Yes, we will! And conscience can’t stop us!”

Of course, most fans objected to the singer, with such an impeccable body, her conscience is definitely not a hindrance to her and the night bite is not terrible. “Eat health” – wrote fans. “With your figure you don’t have to worry,” the other cheered.

But really do not think that the ideal form was given to Natalya only from nature. The singer is constantly working on himself, a lot of sports, otherwise, according to her, long and her husband to lose.

“I believe that we need to always maintain good form, then you will not cease to be interesting to the man confessed, Gluk’oza in a recent interview with Woman’s Day. — Many can tell me the answer: “Easy to talk to. And when to do them, if you kids home?“ You need to control your diet, buy a Mat, insert a cassette or CD with exercises in the TV, and everything! One may argue with nature and explain to the peasants: “we have No time still rolls to swing”. But the man will always pay attention to beautiful ass. So I have it stocked up”.

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