Glyuk оZу waiting for the divorce and a third child

Глюк'оZу ждет развод и третий ребенок
The singer shocked future changes in your life.

Natalia Ionova

Photo: scene from “the invisible Man”

Natalia Ionova left in shock from participation in the program “the invisible Man”. She predicted the future that she was not very happy. The idea shows that the group of fortune tellers, a magician, a criminologist and psychologist, not seeing his guest, sitting in the next room should be his portrait and guess who he is. All four of them gave, according to Natalia, a very clear description of her appearance, character, as well as its past and present. But she was surprised to hear they predicted the future.

Ionova predicted divorce with her husband Alexander Chistyakov. Foretold not only a new husband, but also a third child. Some time ago, the actress confessed to fans that she intends to be sure to become mom again. So the news about the child did not bother her. But the prediction of divorce upset.

“I’m in shock!” she commented. Hard the fortune teller saw in his cards a certain “blonde aged”, which can destroy the married 30-year-old singer. Itself Natalia admitted that for the sake of the family learned about the change, ready to keep the family together. But forgive betrayal can never.