Глюк’oZу не страшит четвертый десяток
The singer sums up the results before the jubilee.

Natalia Ionova

Natalia Ionova, which on 7 June will be 30 years old, decided
to summarize his life. The singer claims that he is not afraid to become
older, but asks the fans who are over 30 that lies ahead of her.

“Birthday is approaching with incredible speed —
said Natasha. — I’m not afraid to go to the next category
“30-40″, but say you want to sum up some results, so to speak,
hell! Is anyone here over 30? Share, how is it?”

By the way, recently the singer recalled how first came on the scene.
Almost a year after the beginning of the “virtual” career Natasha appeared in public.

“Exactly 13 years ago that I first spoke publicly, —
says Ionova. — It was at the end of “factory of stars-2″. To say that I was worried
means to say nothing. To gather my emotions and forces it was not easy for 16-year-old
the girl, therefore, Maxim Alexandrovich covered bulging terrified eyes
sunglasses, filmed here, with one of the musicians backstage. So
he debunks all the myths, and started a completely different life and my story.”

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