Glyuk оZa: “rest my brain fell into place!”

Глюк’оZa: «На отдыхе у меня мозги встали на место!» The singer told “StarHit” that took a vacation and why I will never go with children in India. Now Glyuk оZa spends time with loved ones. The artist is restored, does yoga and tries to get enough sleep.
Глюк’оZa: «На отдыхе у меня мозги встали на место!»

In Goa Natalia together with her husband Alexander Chistyakov and daughters Lida and Faith flew for the first time. “I’m really here for a long time wanted – recognized Glyuk оZa “StarHit”. – Now there is some rethinking that experienced this year. I have recently lost a loved one, friend… This is the first time probably when I was faced with such strong grief. In my environment all spoke about India as a place of power, purity, spirituality”.

Initially, this trip, where along with singer’s family went a few pairs, it was planned as noisy friendly Sabantui, but upon arrival, everything changed.

“Merriment somehow got sick, everything became calm rhythm, – Natasha speaks. For me the number one task after the hustle and bustle can have a sleep in! Also my husband and I do yoga twice a day, every day, functional exercises and cardio, eat local fruits”.
Глюк’оZa: «На отдыхе у меня мозги встали на место!»

The artist was lucky: during the new year holidays and the holidays she had not gained extra pounds. “To lose weight don’t even have – smiles Glyuk оZa. – Though eating the whole month of December for three, but the activities were many – trying to cover all the questions. I have a rule: not to leave the tails – either domestic or creative. In India food is somehow released. So what shape I am happy with the balance achieved. Do not deny yourself the extra bun, but at the same time proud of the body.”

The company stopped in a nice hotel the Leela Goa on the North of the state. The cost of a night in this place starts from six thousand rubles.

Глюк’оZa: «На отдыхе у меня мозги встали на место!»“We are almost out of the hotel and not go out, – smiles Natalia. – First, to places quite far away, secondly, this time pursued the study goal, and then, if you like, already back to explore all around. The only was out for a walk around the plantation elephants. There the guide told me that all Indians are able to climb trees. And one representative of the local population in the tropics showed their skills. Well, I what? Decided to repeat! Wearing special pads and climbed high enough. Amuse the kids”.

Of the things the artist took only the most necessary. “Actually, this time he didn’t bother with the bags, as beautiful social events is not provided here, – the singer admits. – A couple of swimsuits, flip flops, dresses, no jewelry. Well, the first aid kit I always carry, especially when I go to a foreign country with unknown drugs, unfamiliar food. It is a standard set of antiviral, remedies in case of indigestion, bandages, ointments against sunburn. In the resorts they are utter money, and in the name do not understand. The insurance also issued in advance. By the way, acclimatization this time the surprise managed to escape, waiting for her return.”

Глюк’оZa: «На отдыхе у меня мозги встали на место!»

The main rule, which the family adheres to the star at rest, mode of day for children. “Lida and Faith fall at the same time and get up early, says Chistyakova-Ionova. – They have, unfortunately, not much leisure time, which is wrong. Next time will be carefully planned trip, a family vacation, we need to organize in another country. Look after the girls helps a nanny that we took on the recommendation of friends. We had been warned beforehand that the special entertainment is not here, and in the evening, of course, want to go take a walk alone in the restaurant for dinner… Actually, recommend couples vacation to bring some support, some help. Only live schedule for the children is to deprive themselves of the opportunity to rest, as you want”.

The next time the singer is planning to come to Goa together with his spouse.

“We think the more spiritual paths. I understand that India is not only the beach is not the resort for us to go to Turkey, believes Glyuk оZa. – And the place where I want to go back, again and again, to feel the spirit, to mingle with the local people, to feel cleaner, to find answers to questions. Does the brain like snap into place. Go to Moscow with a definite plan for the future.”

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