Gluk’oza: “we had a mountain…”

Глюк'оZа: «У нас случилось горе...»
The singer knows how to help his daughter.

Daughter Natalia Ionova — Lydia with a Guinea pig Coco

Photo: @chistyakova_ionova (Instagram Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova)

Natalia Ionova faced with a difficult situation. The actress said that recently her family was in sorrow: the death of a pet of her older daughter’s Guinea pig, Coco. Sudden death was a great shock to all members of the family of the singer, as she told in social networks.

“We have a grief… dead Guinea pig Coco!! And right at the hands of Lydia. Two days come to life already… to be honest, I don’t know that could affect, — said Natalia. — Perhaps that is why I decided to write and share with you. Everything was good, Coco was very active, appetite was she excellent. Conditions in the cage! Everything you need for a comfortable life of our little girl! But a few days ago we thought she had a cold, although we never brought it outside and did not preobladali…” the Singer admitted she had no idea how to help her daughter to survive the death of the pigs and asked for advice from their subscribers. She said that this is the first loss in the life of Lydia.

The death of the Guinea pigs reminded ion that she was also lost “true friends.” Many years ago, Natalia is extremely grieved at the death of a pet. “I remember I had a hamster Kuzma, I simply adored! And somehow the inexperience decided to let him run because we were in the village, and it was summer. in a moment there appeared a yard cat and took off after him. I yelled mom, mom tried to catch the cat on the stairs, which was hiding our Kuzya! But the cat was faster… and touched his terrible paw.Then Kuzma was sick three days and died. Perhaps this is one of the strongest shocks of my childhood!” she said.

Incidentally, the fans on the revelation of Natalia responded very warmly. Many thought that the singer has been exaggerating the scale of the “disaster.” However, the majority expressed support for ion. She was given a lot of advice on how to help your child to adapt to a difficult situation.

Recall that Coco appeared in the star’s house on the eve of the New year. Natalia was happy that we were able to fulfill an old dream daughter.