Глюк'oZa оправдалась за сексуальные снимки The actress responded to the criticism of detractors. According to the young woman, she chooses provocative dresses, because he likes to show the dignity of the figure. Alone with spouse Natalia Ionova prefer to look more natural.

Glyuk’oza loves to shock the audience, appearing on the red carpet in sexy dresses. A young woman not shy about his body, so we often share on Instagram candid snapshots. Fans of the actress have divided into two camps: someone who admires the chiseled figure of Natalia, but there are those who abuses the mother of two daughters in provocative frames and transparent outfits. Ionova decided to explain why he loves to be naked.

“First of all, I’m experimenting with the images for you and of course for yourself. For you, because I like to be out in public, probably why I became an artist. But for myself, because I like my body. I am finally in harmony with myself”, – says the star candidly.

According to Natalia, she chooses bold looks only for filming and seen on the red carpet. But at home prefers not sexuality, and comfort. “In everyday life I go without make-up, socks and to be honest, my man often outraged about this that he gets the maximum naturalness,” continued the ions.

The singer admitted that in adolescence she had complexes, the star considered themselves to be excessively thin. Now she’s absolutely happy with her body, so don’t hesitate to show it.

“Today, I have the right to wear such outfits. Maybe in 15 years I won’t be able to afford it, that’s why I live so far and I’m in a rush,” says the singer.

Fans of the actress supported her, stressing that every woman is free to choose the degree of openness of their images. “It is the right word. You did a great job. Write nasty things are usually the ones who have complexes,” “the Great figure, a gorgeous shape — has the right”, “Babe! I admire Your beauty, and sexuality,” commented on post in Instagram fans of the singer.

Natalie finds nothing wrong with revealing images, and photo shoots. According to star, her love for her erotic outfits does not affect the relationship with her husband or daughters. Recall that the popular singer married to businessman Alexander Chistyakov. The couple recently celebrated eleventh wedding anniversary.