Gluk’oza took children abroad due to health problems

Глюк’oZa увезла детей за границу из-за проблем со здоровьем The artist tries to do everything to protect my daughters from the disease. Singer Gluk’oza sent Lida and Faith in Spain. She’s very upset that was unable to fly with them in the near future she will have a lot of work.

Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova, known as the singer Glyuk’oza, together with her husband Alexander and has two children – Lida, and Faith. Fans believe the artist is a very caring mother and despite the fact that it is a lot of time to work, every spare minute trying to stay with the heirs. However, for the upcoming may holidays it will have to endure separation from the girls – nine-year-old Lida and five-year-old Faith. The fact that the younger child is allergic to the flowering of birch. To avoid problems Natalia and Alexander made the difficult decision to send their heirs away from the pollen.

“We have to leave at the time of flowering to a baby not to stuff drugs. We are trying to wait out this period in another country where there are no birches. I’m also quite sensitive, but not so still much as her. My older daughter any allergic reactions, thankfully, no,” said the artist.

Fans admire the fact that Natalia and her husband are so sensitive to their heirs. Not so long ago, Gluk’oza admitted that she and her husband already thinking about how to give birth to a third child. The artist admits that dreams of a big family. The couple hopes that they will have a boy. Daughter is also waiting for his younger brother. Glyuk’oza preparing for the birth of the third child

Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova with her husband trying to do everything possible to make childhood of the girls was held bright and saturated. Unlike many modern moms who are trying to enroll their children in various courses, clubs and to give to the various sports clubs, the artist does not intend to deprive heirs of free time. She believes that they need to relax and enjoy the opportunity to spend carefree days.

“We try not to steal from children the childhood that they could, and swim, and sunbathe, and relax. I really miss the kids, because while to them to escape fails. All may holidays will work. I am glad that will be back soon the eldest, she will start school. And the youngest will be there”, – said the artist in conversation with journalists of the newspaper “Interlocutor”.