Глюк'оZа рассказала о своей беременности
The singer admitted that “kicks” from this condition.

Natalia Ionova

Photo: @chistyakova_ionova Instagram Natalia Ionova

Natalia Ionova fans the good news. Perhaps soon it will become a large mum. In any case, Natalia admitted that in recent times thinking about the birth of the third child. In his microblog singer posted a touching photo taken while carrying her second daughter — Faith and accompanied the story about her pregnancy.

“Five years ago, a photo was taken from above. I think it was yesterday, and I did not seem to have changed. But, frankly, this was scary to do… Not because I didn’t come in the form for just enough time! And because my girl grew up, and I acutely feel that I want to re-experience the feeling of pregnancy! The second pregnancy showed me how I can enjoy this state…” — said ions to subscribers.

Incidentally, not so long ago Natalia told fans about the experiences associated with its former relations. The singer admitted that the meeting in the airport with ex-boyfriend has made her a very strong impression. At some point the singer even hinted that she wants to rekindle things in a mysterious knight from the past. However, it seems that these reflections left behind. Apparently, Natalia has managed to overcome the crisis in relations with her husband, Alexander Chistyakov. Fans felt that the birth of a third child now will affect the relations of the spouses.