Глюк'оZа удивила поклонников «голым» купальником

The singer went on tour to Sardinia and first went to the beach.

Gluk’oza is often published in his microblog candid shots, which immediately become the object of criticism of its subscribers. However, this time fans of the stars turned out in his favor. Perhaps the fact that Natalia Ionova appeared before them in a very sexy “naked” swimsuit.

Gluk’oza has published a photo, which appeared in a sexy one piece bathing suit gentle beige. Monokini is merged with the skin of a star and created a Nude look. However, fans of the singer noticed that because of the shade of the swimsuit and rich tan Gluk’oza almost merged with the sand on the beach. Basically fans of the star was happy with her choice and did not skimp on the compliments.

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