Gluk’oza stood up for Paulina Andreeva

Глюк’оZа вступилась за Паулину Андрееву The singer supported the actress, which was condemned for the novel by Fyodor Bondarchuk. According to Gluk’oza, everyone is entitled to happiness in your personal life. The singer communicates not only with the Director and Paulina, but with the ex-wife of Fedor Svetlana.

      After it became known about the novel 28-year-old Paulina Andreeva and 49-year-old Fyodor Bondarchuk, a young actress literally pounced Internet users. In their opinion, Andreev took the man of the family. The same view is held by some friends of Svetlana Bondarchuk, basically do not come into contact with Pauline. Celebrities prefer not to comment on his personal life. Recently, however, Gluk’oza, a good friend of the Director and his ex-wife Svetlana, spoke in defense of Paulina. According to singer, everyone is entitled to happiness. She also noted that Fedor and Svetlana are adults who have managed to leave without a public showdown.

      “First of all I am grateful for the Light and Fede for the fact that they provided an opportunity not to take sides. They are examples for imitation, adoration and respect. Therefore, lived together for so many years, grown children, have their own business. And they were able to create conditions precluding offense and abuse. For me Light and Fyodor two favorite people, and I will never be able to choose between them. Don’t want to. They both have a right to happiness, and, most importantly, both do everything to be happy. Coping with your own feelings, they give all of us an example” – shared Gluk’oza with journalists.

      Note that the singer is communicating not only with Fedor and Svetlana, but also the new darling of the Director. The big resonance has caused the publication of Gluk’oza in social networks: according to them, the artist not only staying with the former spouse of the Director, but also goes on holiday with Pauline and family Bondarchuk. Photos of the singer from Andreeva, made during a journey in Spain, has caused heated discussion among social media users.

      Fedor Bondarchuk is resting together with the bride and son

      By the way, she Paulina Andreeva calmly accepts criticism. In an interview the actress said that is not the need to demonstrate personal lives and therefore do not use social media. To blog as a business platform Andreeva, by his own admission, is not yet ripe. In addition, the star of the series “Method” doesn’t read articles about myself, because I do not see much point. Artist sure that someone else’s opinion – is too much information for her.

      Paulina Andreeva explained how the persecution of transfers in the Network

      As for Gluk’oza, the singer with a sense of humor takes a critical article about himself. Recall that one well-known blogger quite often shares with subscribers his opinion about the actress. However, Gluk’oza just laughs reading her posts. “In today’s world it is easy to see, from any information to isolate itself,” – said the singer in an interview with the SNC.