Gluk’oza shocked by the dress worn on the naked body

Глюк'оZа шокировала платьем надетым на голое тело
The singer has chosen a very revealing outfit for a meeting with Steven Seagal.

Natalia Ionova


Perhaps, at the recent presentation of the new watches of a famous brand, Natalia Ionova managed to outshine even Steven Seagal. And all thanks to Frank along where the singer came to the event. A bright red dress, worn on the naked body, made a splash. Photographers did not depart from Gluk’oza on a step, trying to capture the outfit from all angles.

Natalia is with great pleasure posed for the reporters, showing off her beautiful figure. By the way, the singer in his microblog often pleases fans enough candid snapshots. Especially memorable for fans of summer photo shoot in the Maldives, where the ions posed for the photographer Topless.

Candid view of the artist so impressed those present that pregnant Ksenia Sobchak also appeared at the event remained practically unnoticed. However, for the presenter it probably was. Not so long ago tired of the constant attention of the public she swore subscribers. It is possible that such a trick Sobchak was associated with the wild hype surrounding its “interesting situation”.