Gluk’oza is recovering from injury

Глюк'oZа восстанавливается после травмы Russian pop singer hurt my ankle at dance practice. Ignoring the pain, the star arrived at the dance marathon “Best friends” and sang for children of their hits. Unfortunately, to dance with the guys rousing Zumba Natalia Ionova are unable.

      Глюк'oZа восстанавливается после травмы

      Natalia Ionova hurt my ankle the second time, and she had to immediately seek help from doctors. The singer was injured in training during the preparation of the dance numbers.

      “Natalia resumed dance classes at the school of Evgeny papunaishvili. In training with the support she once again fell on his leg and injured his joint. Now the singer is going through that can not fully get back to work”, – said the representative of the stars in the comment “StarHit”.

      Gluk’oza, in pain, went to a charity dance marathon children’s “Best friends”, in which she was directly involved. The star was very sorry, so will not be able to dance incendiary Zumba with young artists. The singer told the audience that he spent two days in the hospital under supervision of doctors. However, Gluk’oza couldn’t disappoint the kids, so and was photographed with them, and sang their best songs. The marathon was also attended Anita Tsoi, Denis Klyaver, Dmitry Khrustalyov, Nargiz Zakirova and Julia Savicheva.

      Special surprise for all guests was the performance by children’s singer. “Today the girls had a debut. During the marathon they wanted to perform their songs. We had a tight schedule, so to them the idea we first had serious attitude and said next time. But fate always smiles upon those who want to do good deeds. An hour later a hole in the script because I missed one of the dance teams a master class. And here the girls have a chance to conquer all” – shared the successes of the daughters of the ions.

      Video published by Gluk’oza (Natalya Ionova) (@chistyakova_ionova) APR 24 2016 4:42 PDT

      The first time Ionova got a leg injury on the show “dancing with the stars”. On the project she danced together with professional choreographer Eugene papunaishvili. They took first place in the seventh season. The star performed a dance at the final concert, overcoming discomfort in the ankle. The singer then took a long time for rehabilitation. The doctors pricked her with a special drug that reduced pain.

      At the moment, according to the representative, Gluk’oza, the star will have to extend the schedule of performances and filming. The singer can’t do sports and to dance. Heeding the recommendations of the physicians after participation in the marathon “Best friends” Russian pop singer and actress spent a couple of days outdoors in the company of cheerful and playful dogs, where they could have rest.

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