Gluk’oza has shown passion with someone else’s man

Глюк’оZа показала страсть с чужим мужчиной Fans condemned the hot dance, which the singer rehearsing for his new movie. Gluk’oza talked about the fact that her husband is quite jealous. However, the actress assures that her husband supports her every endeavor.

      Глюк’оZа показала страсть с чужим мужчиной

      Popular singer Natalia Ionova, better known by his stage name Gluk’oza, often pleases fans with new songs and videos. Now the actress said that in the near future she will begin shooting a video for a new song. But before you start working on the clip, Natalia is getting ready – work out a choreography, which will subsequently see all the fans. The singer was not long simmer subscribers waiting for the video release and decided to show a little snippet of dance rehearsal.

      “Dances have become an obsessive theme of my clips! Not far off shooting a new video. Share with you the moments that will be part of the new choreography for my new song! And this is the first attempt at writing. Yes, guys, the premiere is not far off!” – said Natalia.

      Despite the fact that Natalia was able to demonstrate the high performance of dance fans though, and was profuse in compliments, but could not ask the question about how her husband reacts to such a statement. They recognized that the passion between the singer and the dancer can cause jealousy of the spouse.

      “The husband should put a monument”, “In my opinion, it is not good for you”, “Oh so hot! Your husband is iron man!” commented subscribers. But it should be noted that it is not so categorical about the dance. Many noted that Glyuk’oza is not committing anything wrong, and her husband, Alexander Chistyakov, most likely, is well aware that all this is done only for the sake of creativity.

      Video published by Gluk’oza (Natalya Ionova) (@chistyakova_ionova) APR 14 2016 1:15 PDT

      By the way, today Natalia and Alexander celebrate pink wedding. 10 years ago a couple got married, and then in their family there were two children – Lida, and Faith. Despite the fact that between the couple with a great relationship, Ionova noted that between her and her husband passions are until now. Singer happy I was able to meet a congenial man who constantly supports her.

      “I wouldn’t be able to live with a man who didn’t trust me, restrict my freedom, making global adjustments to my style, stage persona, the man who was opposed to my development, as a separate independent unit, and not just his wife! Married, I already was who I am, and I chose this! This is a great happiness”, – said Ionova in the microblog.

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