Глюк'оZа выложила откровенное фото с мужем

Natalia Ionova once again showed the form in a bikini

That singer Gluk’oza is the owner of chic shapes, the whole country knows. And Ionova does not get tired to remind us about it. Every day, she puts a bold pictures in bathing suits, tight sports suits, short dresses, where the fabric took less than a apron for infants. This time to surprise demanding public Natasha decided to involve shooting her husband and show who belong to its “wealth”.

On his page in the social network, the singer posted a black-and-white shot, where she sports sexy shorts and bodice gently hugs the spouse. “Every woman is very important to feel unique. Take care of those who feel that way”, – signed photo of Natalia. Subscribers girls were divided into two camps. Some admired the shapes of the singer and her wonderful family: “You are a perfect couple! And not only! Still a perfect family and an example to follow! love you”, “Lucky husband! A great arse. Dance Russia, cry Europe”, “Perfect Union”, “How nice to see happy couples!!! Eternal love you always and let good luck accompanies you! Health and new songs such as wonderful”. Others felt the picture is too risque, openjaw ion that worthless mother of two daughters to behave this way: “Why so vulgar with such a humble man. Even feel sorry for him”, “Well, you’re a mother!”.

The singer in the comments of the detractors are not paying attention. She is happily married. Moreover, brought the formula for a perfect relationship with men (READ HERE) .

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