Глюк’оZа намекнула на развод с мужем
The singer asked the Board about the relationship with fans.

Natalia Ionova

Natalia Ionova has hinted that he intends to leave the family. The fact that the last few days of married singer publicly speculates about whether it makes sense to restore relationship with man once in the past she may have. was having an affair. In any case, it got her fans.

A few days ago, Natalia was an unexpected meeting with a mysterious man from the past who had a serious impact on the performer. “Today my thoughts are in a very strange and unexpected meeting at the airport. I can not share, because you so much and your support has always been crucial for me… Today will be a difficult night… Full of hesitation and doubt… Maybe someday I will share it with you. But now I beg you to just smile and write me that all is for the best. All your actions and decisions were for the best in life. Today I met with my past and for a moment imagined how would be my life if I had chosen a different path…” she confessed.

Even the next day, she never ceased to think about the last novel and decided to ask advice from subscribers. As it turned out, now the head of Natalya is busy with the question: can I enter the same river twice”? “In your life happened history when you returned to the old relationship after a while? And if so, what happened? Or if you leave, burn all the bridges behind?” asked ionov fans.

Such issues are not seriously troubled fans. After all, the singer with her husband, Alexander Chistyakov, this year celebrated 10-year anniversary of the date of the wedding and from always seemed like a model family. However, after the publication of Natalia revelations about the meeting with the man from the past, fans have suspected that ions may have determined to divorce her husband.

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