Gluk’oza has found the successor of the first work

Глюк’oZа нашла наследнице первую работу The girl has mastered a difficult craft. Gluk’oza is pleased that her daughter made her debut in “Yeralash”. Indeed the path of the stars to popularity also began to participate in this project. Daughter, the singer liked to be in the movies.

      Глюк’oZа нашла наследнице первую работу

      Glyuk’oza knows firsthand, what is child labour. She started work at an early age, made his film debut, as a schoolgirl. The singer did not see any problem that the child gets used to be active not only in school. Therefore, the star’s mother found her eldest daughter Lida first job. The girl gladly agreed to gain new experience.

      “Now that day has come. Lidusja debuted in “Yeralash”. This newsreel began and my story… And where will this experience lead, will show time”, – shared his joy Natalia Ionova in Instagram. Fans of the singer warmly supported the initiative leads and wrote that with impatience will wait for the release of the series with the participation of Lida.

      It is noteworthy that the girl is not tired on my first day of shooting. On the contrary, she felt interest in the new profession. “Tired, but pleased with himself for coming home… Despite the bad weather, long day of shooting and endless number of duplicates, already asked: “And when, at the Jumble will be removed?” – describe emotions leads Glyuk’oza.

      It is worth noting that the debut of the daughter in the movie has caused in Natalia rush of nostalgia. Because the road to glory Natalia ionovoj also began to participate in the “Jumble”. She shared with subscribers a snippet from the part, and noted that she, like Lida, also immediately like to act in films.

      “And here is my debut in the Jumble. 1997. They approved me initially a minor role, but on the set the other girl very excited and are unable to play properly. But I told her and the text. I found it very easy and comfortable on set! Boris Grachevskiy changed our positions, and so it turned out a series of “Grebes”. Watched?” – posted by Gluk’oza.

      Video published by Gluk’oza (Natalya Ionova) (@chistyakova_ionova) APR 4 2016 22:46 PDT

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