Глюк’оZа продемонстрировала идеальную форму груди Popular singer makes no secret of its advantages. Fans began to discuss the parts of the body artist. Gluk’oza from time to time indulges subscribers spicy images, and selects revealing outfits for social events.

      Many celebrities are not shy to be naked in front of fans and demonstrate the advantages of their figure. The stars are willing to post naughty pictures in microblogs, and the followers are happy to discuss bold shots of their idols. Popular singer Natalia ionov, known under the stage name Gluk’oza, not so long ago indulged their followers explicit pictures on the beach. However, this time the artist did not have to undress in order to cause a flurry of discussion among the fans.

      “This summer I’m almost all spent in Moscow and touring, was the release of the video, shooting. But he who works well and resting! Waiting for your August! Soon, sea, sun and close relatives,” – wrote the singer.

      But the attention of fans attracted not a complaint of Natalia on the lack of rest and photograph the stars. The picture shows the singer dressed in a slinky blouse, but keen followers saw that the artist decided to release his body from underwear. Fans were quick to discuss this fact.

      “Natalia, You’re here, from the’ 60s: a very beautiful breast form, unlike the other ladies of show business, preferring vague, spherical”, “Very nice Breasts! Just wonderful”, “So hot after two kids. Without complexes and problems. Well done!” – posted by subscribers.

      Apparently, the husband of artist Alexander Chistyakov, does not mind that his wife appears in revealing outfits. On one of the social events in mid-April, the singer appeared in a translucent dress, which accentuated beautiful legs of the star. In an interview Glyuk’oza told me that a dress with a open neckline bought her husband. The singer fully trust the taste Chistyakov. Alexander, in turn, usually accompanies frankly clad wife in the evenings, to protect her from unwanted male attention.

      Despite a mutual understanding with the husband, mother-in-law Natalia just not like her naughty pictures. The singer understands what caused this attitude. Mother-in-law Glyuk’oza not approve of her candid photos

      “It has a completely different perception of the world and it is not always clear why I post a particular photo. I remember that was the first time shooting for a glossy magazine: there I was, shall we say, not completely dressed. My mother in law almost fainted fell over when saw. But Sasha’s father was on my side, he looked at the situation much more thoroughly,” said ionov.

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