Gluk’oza forgave daughter’s obscene poem

Глюк’оZа простила дочери нецензурное стихотворение The artist believes that she understands what the expression should not be used in speech. Singer Gluk’oza told about the occasion when her husband came across the work of the child using obscene phrase.
Глюк’оZа простила дочери нецензурное стихотворение

Singer Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova, better known as Gluk’oza, has two daughters, Lida and Faith. The oldest child is now ten years old. The actress seeks to protect children from social networks and different gadgets. She was glad that the girls enjoy playing with dolls, soft toys and read books.

Glyuk’oza preparing for the birth of the third child

Despite the fact that Natalia protects the heirs from the negative effects, sometimes she can’t keep track of words that children hear from other people. The actress recalled the case when Lida wrote verse and has included swearing.

“In the end it was all known swear word starting with “b”… But the funny thing is that our grown up daughter, who really wanted to use that word, like all her peers, has made it so that we are even scold her did not. After all, the verse she reads loudly and confidently, but when it comes down to the Mat, then utters his trembling whisper,” Gluk’oza said.

Natalia is happy that her children know what words you shouldn’t use in his speech. According to the artist, she and her husband stumbled upon this verse, when Alexander pumped player on daughters new music.

The singer is trying to do everything to Lida and Faith enjoy their childhood and not trying to grow up. She is glad that my older daughter has friends with whom she communicates in person and not online.

“Recently, Lida went with a friend to relax, they were trying to have some pages in social networks, but I, of course, immediately recognized and stopped, because I see how children grow up quickly, as do not know how to communicate and entertain yourself in the real world(…) Yeah, she’s ten, but she’s still sleeping with soft toys. Says at school tease her for it. And I think it’s just wonderful when a child remains a child,” admitted Gluk’oza.

The actress did not hide that the girls are “transformed” into adults, when they put her shoes and interested in cosmetics. The singer admitted in conversation with the publication of Hello that she has a huge amount of beauty products.

“Look, lip make up, high heel shoes and my wear around the house like this for two hours will pechataetsya, and then tired, take off everything and goes to her room to play dolls or watch cartoons,” Gluk’oza said.