Глюк’оZа призналась, что почти не видится с мужем
The singer asked for advice from fans.

Natalia Ionova with her husband Alexander Chistyakov

Photo: @chistyakova_ionova Instagram Natalia Ionova

Natalia Ionova has revealed to his fans one of the main, in her opinion, pledge of family happiness. As told by the singer, because of the busy schedule she and her husband Alexander Chistyakov, don’t spend time together. But when there comes a long-awaited vacation, that spouse literally can’t keep their hands off each other even for a minute. Natalia believes that in a relationship it is important to properly miss a loved one, then the reunification will bring much more joy.

“The key to a happy marriage, I think that the two self-sufficient man with kind of activity, target and maximum employment! And then the feeling that all the time miss! A vacation is just not come off from each other!” — admitted ions. In other words, the singer believes that the main thing — not to annoy your partner. After the Frank statement, the singer asked the fans their opinion. “How are you?” “she asked. By the way, about looks and Lera Kudryavtseva, which is meeting after a long separation with her husband — a good excuse for a romantic dinner.

Incidentally, the fans felt that the words of Natalia makes sense to listen. After all, this year she and her husband celebrated the tenth anniversary of family life. So, she has has experience a long and happy marriage. By the way, not so long ago she did another candid confession about the relationship with her husband. “First we much each other was jealous, after all, he has long been one and around him all the time banging beauty. I think a man needs to attract the attention of other women, otherwise I would not be interesting. Frankly, we are jealous of each other and it’s totally normal. I sometimes look at my husband and think I’m ready to forgive him for any misconduct, but even if you do not forgive, neither will be able to understand,” shared 30-year-old singer.

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