Глюкоза рассказала о своей диете

The singer Glucose revealed the secrets to a perfect figure and shared with their fans on a diet, which allow Russian star to be in great shape. About diet Glucose is told in a new Instagram project — women’s community SlimBitchClub.

SlimBitchClub organized friend Ksenia Sobchak – Matilda Shnurova, Oksana Lavrenteva, Polina Kitsenko and other. In this project, the stars talk about the tricks, which allows them to stay slim. Popular singer Glucose also participated in the band’s life. She spoke in detail about how it feeds and what kinds of activities attending.
As it turned out, the singer is very sporty girl. She regularly exercises. Glucose prefers yoga, Pilates, functional training, TRX. She also stressed that actively moving on stage, and this is an additional burden, which allows you to be skinny. According to her, during performances she loses a lot of liquid.
Glucose is told and about your diet. If she’s not touring and don’t need to go to the airport, the star wakes up at 10:00 am. The first thing she drinks a glass of water at room temperature. On the first exercise. Starts your day singer with yoga, be sure to training runs on an empty stomach. If the girl chooses in the morning training session with strength, until she she drinks a smoothie based on almond or coconut milk, adding a banana. After physical activity Glucose eat cereal gluten free with soy yogurt. Special attention is paid to the beauty of the portions – they are small.
First time having Breakfast Glucose half an hour after the workout.
“If that was yoga, then Breakfast consists of cereal, quiches, poached eggs or omelet, cheese. Unable in the morning to eat pasta. All gluten-free and lactose-free. After Breakfast I paint, food, shooting, interviews. In the car unable to eat nuts, any fruit I eat only until 15:00! Lunch around 15:00. Lunch is always with me, wherever I was. This fish and vegetables. Different vegetables – steamed, fresh and steamed (choose one or the other, so try not to mix fresh vegetables and heat treated). For dinner I try to eat more vegetables and fish. I like to drink for dinner, a glass of wine. And do not like myself in something to deny” — said the singer.
Of course, Glucose, like any girl, can not deny myself the pleasure to eat sweet.
“Well, then begins the struggle: “How to not eat cake?”. I tried to leave him for Breakfast, but failed. Then it turns out the cake in the morning and evening. So sweet trying to eat before 19:00, but I confess that not always works!” writes Glucose.