Glucose is surprised by the grown up daughter

Глюкоза удивила снимком подросшей дочки
A few days ago the eldest daughter Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova, which everyone knows under the name of Glucose, accepted congratulations in honor of the 10th anniversary.

Глюкоза удивила снимком подросшей дочки

The actress often posts pictures of their children, but fans were struck by how Lydia has grown.

Fans have expressed the opinion that mother and daughter look more like sisters.

“My baby 10. Every day more and more I feel that it is not just the beloved daughter, but also best friend!!! Happiness to know that you mean a lot to their children,” — said Natalia in Instagram.

Note that Glucose and her husband Alexander Chistyakov grow two wonderful girls.

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