Глюкоза объявила танцевальный конкурс
Most dancing fans will enter a new clip of the singer.


Photo: press-service of the singer

The singer Glucose, has announced a contest for their fans. Singer
asked them to remove the video dancing to her new song “I secretly”. The
dances will be included in the fan version of the video, and the dancers learn from Natasha

“Attention, the call is announced Glucose. — Get your
feedback on my new song “I’m a mystery” and happy, you
liked it! Soon, soon will be released and the clip. Saw the first shots — my
good, it’ll be fantastic! Will remember these shots as some of the most insane and unbelievable and
hooligan! We did so much goofing around and having fun, sent backstage not
left chance — to do the people’s version of the clip! Do you like this idea? Remove
video of you dancing to my song, post it to instagram. The
hot and dancing will be in our fan video for the song! Dance
have fun, go mad show me what your creative soul!
The most creative participants with dancing with the anguish of the aorta for this dance
the madness will receive a gift!”

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